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I am going to start working on the very beginning story of the Marai stories and I am going to do a trilogy. I also want to incorporate issues we have in Today's World into the Marai stories if I can like:

1. Sexism
2. Anti-Fat Prejudice (Prejudice against people based on weight)
3. Male Supremacy

If anyone has anymore ideas please inform me and I will gladly add it to the list and see about putting it into one of my stories if I agree with the issue.
Orchestrated by the Greater Evil

As a woman was waking up from laying on the hard ground her vision was blurry, she slowly got to her feet looking around. Terror gripped her when she saw what she saw and she headed up the cold stone stairs panicking, there was a great stone door at the top of the first set of stairs. She pulled on the handle resulting in nothing but wasted effort, so she continued and continued trying desperately to get out of this cold dark and dank place trying to open the stone door.


The noise of something metal slamming onto the stone steps of the stairs echoed throughout the building and from the sound of the metal slamming the stone it was clearly attached to something or some one who was coming closer. The woman fidgeted to get the stubborn stone door open but it refused to move, as she was struggling she saw that there was a key hole underneath the door handle. The woman was doomed, she had no idea where the noise was coming from so she aimlessly started running up the next flight of stairs only to come face to face with what was making the noise.

“(Womans screaming) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile there was an elven squire kneeling before a throne where an Elven queen sat alone,

“(Squire #1 kneeling) Majesty, I must inform you that we have lost more women in the dead of night (there was anxiety in the queens expression)”

“(Queen Triane stressed) This continues to happen.........I send soldiers and they fail me....just like how my husband the late king failed to stop that monster (The queen began to cry into her hands no longer sure of how to deal with this problem)”

Another Elven squire came into the throne room and knelt before the queen,

“(Squire #2 kneeling) My Majesty I must inform you that King Twilin has delivered this letter to you”

Queen Triane wiped the tears away from her eyes and took control of emotions, she bade the squire to come forward to give her the letter, he grabbed the letter from his pocket and handed it to the queen who quickly untied the letter. She began to read and as she was reading it she gave an exclamation of disbelief but she reread the letter to confirm what she had read,

“(Queen Triane shaking her head in disbelief and when she saw her squire was curious to know what the contents were she answered) King Twilin has declared war on us! (Everyone in the room was shocked) There is no way we can defeat Twilin with all of the losses I've suffered from these kidnappings and with the terrible defeat we suffered from attacking that monster.”

“(Squire #1) He has mustered too large an army for any army to combat against, for the past five months he has been conquering island after island executing the leaders. And what I don't understand is why he decides to war against us when Mel Kor Lore is too far away from his home island of Wanshita?”

The queen rose out of her throne musing over what she should do for awhile until she looked back at her two squires who were waiting for the queen to reply back,

“(Queen Triane) I want you to get the priestess from the neighboring island Nef Fel Horne (She was pointing at the first squire) and bring her here to me.”

“(Squire #1 Obedient) Yes my Majesty (He rose to his feet hurrying out of the throne room)”

“(Queen Triane then directed her attention to the second squire who was still kneeling before her) We must deal with the current problem before we can deal with King Twilins invasion force, so go order the blacksmith to start manufacturing silver weapons and inform the citizens that they also must assist in the construction of silver weapons”

“(Squire #2 confused) My Majesty why should we construct silver weapons?”

“(Queen Triane) There was a battle before the kidnapping of women became a recurring problem, and before the battle the late king and his knights had discovered a cave that lead down into a pitch black darkness the end of the downward passage there was a large door with ugly images of creatures no one would think ever existed.  Once they had gotten to the door it started opening to reveal a world where fire could never be extinguished and peoples screaming never ended. Once my husband and his knights discovered this door they fled out of the cave, but they did not at first realize that they were followed by a creature whose helmet covered head emitted flames. Nor did they know that the door closed itself shut once the creature came out. My husband and his knights tried their best to subdue the creature but were all killed except for the knight whose cowardice saved his life. From the description that knight gave of the creature it seems clear that we are dealing with a demon (The second squire cowered in fear at the mention that it was a demon). And I am making an assumption based off of his report of the creature we are dealing with.”

The second squire bowed to his queen and ran out of the throne room understanding the urgency of the situation if they truly were dealing with a demon. The queen sat down on her throne contemplating what she should do and at times she succumbed to crying as she thought about how helpless she felt trying to defend her citizens against both a demon and a conqueror.

“(Marai relaxing in a hot spring with a bright smile) Ahhh.......this is what I've needed “

Once Marai had decided to leave Genjinshou island after the Lacia Incident she had decided to sail east to Nef Fel Horne Island for some relaxation. She had been relaxing on the island for over a week and she was officially nine months pregnant as of now, she was bigger than the average nine month pregnant woman but she had managed to learn to appreciate her body more ever since Elmenthus kissed her pregnant belly. After an hour of being in the hot spring she got out and dressed herself back into the wood elven attire she had gotten from Keshaondra, she put her pouch, double-hookshots and white belt back on while her bow and arrows were in her apartment. She made her way back to her apartment but was distracted by the cry of a woman and she ran toward the direction where the crying came from, there was a crowd of medical officials inside the temple crowded around something. Marai had gotten close enough to see that it was a pregnant woman going into labor crying in pain. Since the woman seemed to be well taken care of by the doctors and nurses around her Marai went back in the direction of her apartment. In her apartment she wondered what it felt like to give birth so she laid down on the floor moving herself into the labor position, thoughts of what life would be like if she were to end her pregnancy now and become a mother culminated into her mind to the point her thoughts were more active than she was.

“(Voice of a Memory) You are special in that you can never give birth and will forever be pregnant my dear, because you are meant to be a hero like no other”

Reality had slammed all of the thoughts she had had moments ago and she got back to her feet getting herself prepared for bed. As she lay in bed she looked at her nine month pregnant body thinking how big she was, then she remembered how much of an anti-fat prejudice ass she was during her 2nd adventure.

“(Marai unhappy with herself, she slapped her forehead in embarrassment after remembering an incident) Damn It How could I be so terrible to Alasha..........(She looks to her side staring at a nearby plant in a pot) Next time I see her I must apologize! How could I get away with that! (She didn't remember the incident completely, but enough to know that she was guilty)”

She then put her hand on her belly moving it down and up smiling, she thought how ridiculous it was that she had made such a big deal out of her pregnancy throughout those months. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep.

The next day she had decided that she had had enough of relaxing and she wanted to wander around the town, she noticed all of the shops,vendors,restaurants, and other stores. Another aspect of this place she noticed was that the majority of the women she saw were pregnant and many of them waved at Marai as if she was a member of a secret club or something, Neftloft was a friendly town with its wants and needs and it was a very simplistic place that was gradually becoming more technological. In front of her was a large shrine up on a tall hill with some maiko sweeping the dust,sticks and leaves away from the shrine, the shrine itself was the largest one Marai had ever seen being at least three stories tall. The main priestess came out of the shrine looking at the progress that had been done by the maiko who were sweeping and they greeted the main priestess with a friendly smile as they continued. The priestess looked at the Kasuga style torii gate and then at the walls that prevented outsiders from seeing beyond the gate, and for whatever reason she immediately looked in front of her to see Marai looking at the walls. Oddly enough the sight of Marai seemed to annoy the priestess and eventually the priestess came down the steps walking at a good pace and Marai greeted her with a wave, the priestess waved back but didn't change her annoyed expression at all.

“(The priestess genuinely annoyed but keeping her cool) Is there something you want or do you enjoy staring at the shrine?”

“(Marai slightly ticked off by the question but she also kept her cool) your shrine is very beautiful and (Interrupted)”

“(Priestess interrupting and imitating Marais voice mockingly) And the best place I have ever seen (She stopped mocking Marai). Please spare me your flattery because there is something about you that irritates me”

“(Marai no longer restrained herself) What did I do to you aside from look at your shrine!? In fact WE'VE NEVER MET BEFORE NOW!?”

“(Squire #2 interrupting the conversation) Excuse me! Excuse me! (Both Marai and the priestess turn their heads to see a knight running toward them gasping for air as if he had been running a marathon)”

“(The Priestess's terrible mood came out in her voice without her meaning to) YES!? (The knight stopped in his tracks afraid of the priestess's angry tone of voice. When she noticed the effect her voice had on the knight she tried to use a more friendly voice) My apologies please come (She motioned for the knight to come and tell her whatever he wanted to tell her)”

“(Squire #2 slowly approaching the priestess until he at last was close enough to her to talk) Are you the Priestess Naoko?

“(Naoko nodded) Yes I am”

“(Squire #2 desperately getting down on his knees to kneel before the priestess) My queen requires your help”

“(Priestess Naoko forgetting her anger at Marai and acknowledging the squires request) I will come, but first I must get myself ready”

“(Squire #2 stopped kneeling smiling brightly, at first he didn't acknowledge Marai but after he had finished talking to the Priestess he did) Oh! And are you Marai? (Marai nodded) Forgive me for asking I have heard stories of your adventures and these stories have traveled to our island.”

By now Marai was no longer surprised that she was known by individuals she had never met on islands she had never known of, so it was no new news to her.

“(Marai) May I come to your island too?”

“(Squire #2) Well since it is you I have no objection (Priestess Naoko frowned)”

Before the Priestess accompanied the squire she quickly ran back to her shrine to grab provisions she needed for a spiritual exorcism for a demon or that's what she believed was the threat. Afterwords Marai and Naoko followed the squire to his nicely sized ship where Marai resigned herself to the idea of ending her vacation which she had already had her belongings on her when she was wandering around, but when she thought about it she couldn't help thinking that she had had enough of her vacation anyway. The ship set sail quickly without any delay and an hour passed and they could see the Island of Mel Kor Lore. For the duration of that hour the knight had been talking to Naoko in an anxious tone of voice as if the mere thought of the problems that have been befalling him and everyone on the island was enough to terrify anyone.


Squire Erik acknowledged the sailors call and smiled back at the sailor. When they landed they were greeted and escorted into the town on Mel Kor Lore by a group of medieval looking elven soldiers. Although unknown to Marai and Naoko there were two separate states controlling the island with one of them being Queen Triane who was still living as a medieval monarch while the other state was controlled by President Tybian who was living in a much more modern metropolis than Queen Triane with advanced weaponry,transportation,markets and etc. The two states hated each other and made it their policy never to discuss the other state within their own state. The expression on the elven soldiers faces were grim and sad because they had to deal with the kidnapping problem and the new problem of King Twilins invasion. Naoko and Marai looked at these elves wondering why they looked so destroyed as far as morale went, it didn't take long for them to arrive at the palace. One of the knights looked at the big crowd of soldiers and then at Squire Erik whispering,

“(Whispering gate guard) who are those two women?”

“(Sir Erik whispering back) One of them is the Priestess I was sent to bring here and the other one is Marai”

“(the guard wanted to question why Marai came with the priestess but he didn't, he continued to whisper) I will inform the queen of your arrival”

The guard went into the palace going through room after room after room after room until he came to the Queens throne to kneel before her,

“(Queen Triane sitting on her throne) What news do you have for me?”

“(The guard whispered) Sir Erik has brought the Priestess and Marai”

“(The Queen didn't hear anything so she came closer to the guard) What did you say I couldn't hear you?”

“(The guards whispering voice was his normal voice, so he repeated himself) Sir Erik has brought the Priestess and Marai my Majesty”

“(Again the Queen didn't hear anything the guard said and she came closer leaving her throne) Please repeat what you said I can't hear you?”

“(The guard spoke louder only to reveal a very hoarse voice) Sir Erik has brought the Priestess and Marai here my Majesty”

“(The guards voice was so terrible sounding that the Queen had to cover both of her ears while she replied back) Thank you, please go invite them in (The guard got up and walked out of the throne room) Someone needs to help that disaster or make him mute (She was baffled at how terrible the guards voice was)”

While the Queen and guard were conversing the group outside of the palace were waiting, the sound of a little girl laughing could be heard. Marai turned her head to the left to see a dark figure that had a distinct head that was shaped like a side-ways diamond, the only other feature that was notable was its bright red eyes. Those were the only parts of its appearance that could be distinguished aside from its tall height, the little girls laughing continued and everyone in the group became alarmed waiting outside with the setting sun. Marai couldn't locate where the laughter was coming from but she felt it had something to do with the strange creature who was enshrouded in the darkness in the forest with some areas of light. As Marai continued to listen to the laughing she then started to remember why the laughing was familiar to her, she had heard this same laughter twice before now

1st Time- When she was a young girl growing up

2nd Time – When she was on the Satyriasis Island with the annoying pan flute playing satyr, it was when she was in the cemetery that she walked past a short cloaked figure who was the perfect height for a little girl.

“(Terrible voice Guard returning while Marai was still looking at the strange figure no one else seemed to be seeing) The Queen says you can come in (Once he started talking everyone covered their ears except the Elven guard himself, he lead the way into the palace and the group followed and right before Marai lost sight of the figure she saw the curved outline of a mouth appear bright red like the color of its eyes. The large palace doors opened. The palace was decorated with tapestries, rugs and wall paintings of rulers who came before in older times, the floor had a black and white pattern exactly the same as the pattern one would see on a chess board. In the center of the room there was a very long table laden with an assortment of food, drinks and Hors d'oeuvres, straight ahead of them beyond the long table was a long curtain covering the rooms beyond the table. To the left and right there were stairs going up to the next floor and the ceiling had a large candle lit chandelier. Coming out of the curtain was the Elven Queen wearing her royal attire)”

“(Queen Triane Greeting) Welcome I am Queen Triane and I would like you to join me in this banquet if you don't mind (Her eyes were at first focused on Priestess Naoko but when she saw Marai she seemed surprised) May I know why you brought this woman here with the Priestess Sir Erik? (Pointing at Marai)”

“(Sir Erik) She is Marai and I felt it would be rude to only invite the Priestess”

“(The Queen understood) So you are Marai, news of your achievements have reached my ears. Normally I would be more inclined to throw you out of my palace immediately but since you have gained quite a reputation for your deeds I will allow you to stay and help the Priestess deal with our problem (Marai thanked the Queen for being allowed to stay, Naoko frowned at this believing she didn't need Marai at all but kept her mouth shut) In any case let us commence with our banquet”

Queen Triane noticed Marais bow and arrows and she decided to whisper to the knight next to her, that knight got up from his chair and hurried out of the room. When he came back his hands were full of silver arrows,

“(Queen Triane) Please empty your quiver and fill it up with these arrows Marai (She pointed at the messy pile of silver arrows that had been dumped on the ground away from the table.)”

Marai went over toward the silver arrows dumping her arrows in a pile next to the silver arrows and she filled the silver arrows into her quiver, it was very easy to distinguish silver arrows from regular arrows. Everyone seated themselves at the table and began to put food on their plates and drinks in their glasses, and on the side there was a soup bowl for the soup. Once everyone had laden themselves with food the Queen and the knights stopped everyone from eating until the Queen herself paid respects,

“(Queen Triane with eyes closed and hands together speaking in an ancient tongue, and she sung these words like a ballad) Te Uull De Ile, Twa Mankle Con Assur, De Ulm Depasure Kanggilor (She opened her eyes and no longer had her hands together as she finished) Alright everyone please give your own respects before eating and after you have done so then eat heartily (As she said this she saw the terrible voiced guard had already started eating, her face became red with outrage) TAKE THAT FAITHLESS SAVAGE OUT OF MY PALACE IMMEDIATELY!!”

The knights who happened to be next to the guard got out of their chairs seizing the rude guard and dragged him out of the palace, The Queens face returned to her content expression as she waited for everyone to give graces before she began to eloquently eat her food. Everyone including Marai and especially Priestess Naoko had to admit that it was incredibly rude of the guard to not pay respects before eating, the table was silent until one of the guards was bothered by the silence,

“(Guard who spoke with food in his mouth) So what island do you hail from? (He posed the question to Marai, but this question was interrupted by an angry Queen Triane)”

“(Queen Triane angrily interrupting) TAKE THIS DISGUSTING IMBECILE OUT OF MY PALACE IMMEDIATELY!! (Once again the knights at the table had to rise from their chairs and seize the disrespectful guard out of the palace, the Queen began to wonder why her guards were so ill-mannered compared to her knights but then she thought that they were probably never taught the proper etiquette which was an importance part of her knights training) I apologize for my guards savage behavior (She was looking at Marai and Priestess Naoko trying to redeem her reputation as a hostess)”

After those two incidents the banquet went on peacefully and it wouldn't be long before everyone had eaten their fill and had drunk enough of their beverages (Mind you they weren't drinking alcoholic Elven beverages or alcohol in general at this banquet). After the banquet, the Queen,her knights,Priestess Naoko and Marai remained in their seats while the guards were outside speaking amongst themselves,

“(Queen Triane looking at Naoko) I sent for you because there have been kidnappings of the Elven women in our town and from what I have heard of this kidnapper, I believe it can only be killed by the likes of spiritual power or by weapons made of silver (Naokos eyes widen immediately while Marai didn't seem to know at first). Since we are privileged to have both a priestess and (She glanced over at Marai) an experienced warrior who has gained quite a reputation on her own, I believe there is a chance that this problem can be solved”

Naoko frowned at the idea that was being suggested but became serious again when she remembered how serious a problem a demon could be if what the Queen said was true,

“(Priestess Naoko inquisitive) So what does this demon look like?”

“(Squire Donnica) No one has survived to witness it kidnap our Elven women but Squire Xorax saw the creature when it cut down our late king and he is the only eye witness who is still alive.”

“(Naoko) Why is he the only eye-witness?”

“(Squire Donnica) Squire Xorax ran away and survived due to his cowardice, he fled to another island and it wasn't until he sent our Queen a letter that mentioned the events of what happened. This creature seems to always be aware of who is spying on it and it has the ability to kill the spy, that is why most everyone who has seen it is dead or away from us. That is why there is a 10 P.M. curfew where everyone must be inside their homes with black curtains including the Queen. The creature only appears at night”

“(Marai) How do you know the letter came from Squire Xorax?”

“(Queen Triane) He has written many letters to me many times despite the fact he could of communicated with me face to face most of those times (She rolled her eyes thinking about him)”

The palace doors opened and one of the guards came running in stopping when he reached the table, he was obviously afraid of something as everyone who was sitting at the table could notice the fear and sweat on his face,

“(Terrified Guard) Somethings happening My Majesty!”

“(Queen Triane rising to her feet slightly irritated at the guards impolite behavior) What is happening?”

The guard began shaking uncontrollably until he lost control of himself running out of the palace and eventually plunging off of a cliff to his death but only one or two citizens actually witnessed this suicide. The Queen was alarmed by this interruption and sat back down contemplating her situation, during this time Marai politely asked one of the knights where she might take care of her urgencies and she was escorted up the stone stairs and the knight pointed the room out, she went into the room finding a toilet and sink in the room while the soldier stayed nearby to protect Marai. At this moment Queen Triane felt herself break into tears while she was contemplating,

“(Queen Triane folded her arms and buried her head in her folded arms murmuring to herself as she was crying) Why can't this end........I don't know what to long must I continue to be helpless (She stopped murmuring to herself and looked at Naoko with eyes filled with tears) I want you and Marai to go out to that tower immediately! I WANT THIS PROBLEM TO END!(She screamed it when she finally lost control of her emotions which completely surprised Naoko, and her knights who seemed to understand too well the amount of stress the queen had been suffering)”

Marai was at the top of the stairs with the knight who escorted her when the Queen screamed, Naoko got up from her chair and stared up at Marai with a serious expression on her face, she gestured to Marai to come follow her out of the palace. Marai had no objection to that and did so while some knights escorted the Queen back to her chambers to rest, three knights followed Marai and Naoko. The guards outside opened the palace doors to let Naoko, Marai and the other knights come through. When they came out the sun was still setting even though so much time had passed before and during the banquet, Marai was confused by this but was reassured by Squire Donnica that it was normal for the sun to take a long time to fully set.

“(Priestess Naoko looking at the three knights) so why did she lose control of herself when that guard ran out of the room?”

“(Squire Ghato sighing) That was not the first time we have lost guards, ever since this incident has happened we have been losing our Queens guards because they are driven to suicide due to an unknown insanity or they are found dead in a horrific manner. And........something or some creature has been entering the palace unseen and unnoticed placing the dead corpses of the guards in places that the Queen would notice, the horrific manner that I speak of is that these corpse are always found without any bones and internal organs as if something had crushed the bones and eaten the organs. It is yet another mystery that we have never solved as to who is doing this to our queens guards but everyday we have to dispose of the new scarecrow corpse of one of our guards to save our Queen from losing her sanity, she has been tortured with being helpless, powerless and terrified of whatever is kidnapping the town women and bring her horrific scarecrow bodies of guards. More recently I have heard that King Twilin has declared war on our small nation here, As prepared as we are to fight against King Twilin I know my Majesty would not last long especially with the long duration of stress she has been suffering”

There was a silence that took over after Squire Ghato spoke, Squire Donnica decided to break the silence,

“(Squire Donnica) If we are to free our Queen of her problems then we must get the job done and stop with this endless talking. The demon lives in the outskirts of our town in a tall tower (She began to lead the group toward a high hill and ahead of them up a very tall hill where one could only see the top of the tall tower in the distance)”

As the group was walking Marai and Naoko glanced back at the town, as they were looking at the town it looked so empty and abandoned. The citizens didn't greet them when they arrived and they didn't show any signs of activity within the time they had been on the island. Their eyes met the same spot when they saw red eyes in a nearby forest, this time they could visibly see a smiling little girl wearing a Victorian style dress next to a red eyed figure who was too concealed in darkness to be seen except for some long stringy arms with long claw-like fingers protruding into the lighted area of visibility. Naoko immediately grabbed a necklace of prayer beads she concealed in her robe handing it to Marai,

“(Naoko still walking with the knights forward looks back at Marai, with her free hand she grabbed from inside her robe a prayer bead necklace, she hands it to Marai) Put this on (Marai put the necklace on seeing how serious Naoko was)”

They both stared long at the creepy little girl who was smiling in a disturbing way next to some monstrous creature, if the girl wasn't acting so strange Naoko would be willing to run over to her and save her but there was also an evil energy permeating from the little girl. Eventually the little girl and the monstrous creature were out of sight as the group was down the first hill and going up the next hill. The next hill was conquered within forty-five minutes of walking, they all could now see the tall tower. The tower was deformed to the point that it was slanted unusually and there were large horns protruding from the tower, and on these protruding horns were the many boneless and organ-less corpses of the kidnapped women being blown on the wind as if they were paper scarecrows. All of a sudden the three knights disappeared in front of them,

“(Marai and Naoko Surprised) WHAT!?

They both looked all around but there was no trace of them,

“(Marai unsure) What should we do now?

“(Naoko Determined) We should kill this creature and get the job done”

Naoko marched forward with one hand on her prayer beads and the other prepared to open the stone door of the tower, Marai followed looking at the prayer beads Naoko gave her and also looked at her watch which still wasn't working since her last adventure. Naoko opened the door very slowly seeing a stone wall with a torch attached to the wall in front of her, there was a silence that was heard except for the sound of something breathing in and breathing out. Marai and Naoko gradually entered the tower seeing no sign of life. Once they were both inside the stone door slammed itself shut.

“(Description of Surroundings: The stone walls were discolored by many dark red stains and there were torches all along the walls, from the step both Naoko and Marai were on there were twisting stairs going up and twisting stairs going down. The ceiling was pitch black and impossible to see. The stone steps were also discolored by by dark red stains they both assumed was dried blood.”

They both as quietly as they could walked downstairs constantly looking back and ahead of them afraid of what they might encounter, they continued to venture further and further down hearing something breathing every now and then but not knowing where the sound was coming from. The stairs continued to twist down and for some time it seemed like there was no end to these stairs until both of them could see the dirt floor of a room. They were creeping as slowly and as silently as they could, when they came to the bottom step they saw a blood bath

“(Description of the Room) There was blood everywhere, some fresh and some not fresh. There were many dead bodies of the kidnapped women, some appeared to have been recently killed with all of their bones and internal organs still in tact and others who were obviously without those luxuries. There were horns protruding from the wall and on these horns were some of the dead women's bodies in very unusual positions as if someone was trying to make pieces of artwork out of them.”

Both Naoko and Marai were horrified at the terrible sight looking away for some time, it took some time before they gained the courage to go back up the stairs but they did. This time they knew that the breathing must have been coming from upstairs. After some time of walking up the stairs both of them arrived to see some more women's corpses in the room upstairs, these corpses were restrained by chains.

“(Male Voice) I've never had guests come here of their free wills”

The voice came from a tall elven man wearing a sorcerers robe who had a floating book in front of him with a unique looking staff in his right hand. He was wearing an odd looking crown on his head, there was a magical door behind him obviously leading to another room only accessible by magic. The room was less of a blood bath compared to the downstairs floor, the floor was dirt just like the lower floor but other than that it was lit with plenty of torches like the lower room. It was unique in that the walls were spiked with uniquely protruding horns and the room itself was big enough to accommodate up to fifteen individuals.

“(Naoko) Are you the creature kidnapping the Elven women?”

“(Maduk) Oh your here to see him (Acting disappointed and pretending to be offended). He is so popular with the women that it's hard to miss them (He laughed at his own dark humor while Naoko and Marai glared at him)”

“(Marai pissed off) SHUT THE HELL UP! (She grabbed her bow and an arrow out of her quiver preparing to fire but she was stopped by Naoko, Maduk found it amusing giggling to himself)”

“(Naoko) Why are you doing this? It seems obvious that you are the culprit or are assisting the culprit”

“(Maduk started doing an odd dance while he answered Naokos question) Well seeing as it will only be a matter of time before King Twilin will come and kill the inhabitants of this miserable place I guess I can tell you, I am King Twilins sorcerer and I am the one who opened the door to the hellish world to bring a creature that would ensure my kings success in taking over this place.”

“(Marai) So you are kidnapping and killing women with a little girl (Maduk stopped in his place then turned his head back at Marai very slowly as if Marai had struck a nerve) and the little girls monster?”

“(Maduk unexpectedly surprised) What!?Little Girl!?(He became silent and started trembling in fear as if the little girl was a monster, he looked away from Marai and Naoko) She's here.........”

“(Marai) Here? Who is here?”

“(Maduk tried his best to regain his composure) ENOUGH! I must end this IDIOTIC CONVERSATION! King Twilin will rule Hiroshigate! COME MY BEAST!(He faced the magical door when he uttered this command”

At first it was quiet but that would change within a few minutes time when there was the sound of metal stomping on the stone floor in the magical room. It took long for the source of the noise to appear marching behind Maduk.

“(Character Description) It was an eight foot tall Demonic Minotaur that had fire coming out of its eyes, nose and mouth, its body was covered with armor except for its big metallic hooves. It wore a large helmet, breastplate armor,large metallic gauntlets and metallic leggings. It had an aura of fire.”

“(Maduk satisfied and eager to leave as his creature had come out of the magical door going past Maduk and facing Marai and Naoko) I must leave you both (He smiles at Marai and Naoko before he makes his way downstairs to leave the tower)”

The Demonic Minotaur gave a loud bellow and during this bellow Marai armed her silver arrows onto her bow examining the Minotaurs body for a weak spot with her eyes while Naoko put the prayer beads between both of hands and she created a barrier.

“(Naoko worried that Marai was outside of the barrier she created) Get behind me (Marai did so) I hope your archery is enough to end this (Despair began to attack Naokos mind as she was examining the creature for a weak spot with her eyes)”

The minotaur came closer to Naoko and started punching the barrier with its large gauntlets, Naoko felt the impact of the attacks on her barrier but she persisted, Marai raised her bow so that she could shoot her arrows past Naoko and she concentrated long before she wanted to fire. The minotaur continued his punching of the barrier with more bellowing while Maduk managed to escape out of the tower. Maduk was over taken by paranoia as he was looking everywhere to make sure no one was around, he ran away from the tower going down the first hill and up the second hill until he saw who was on top of the second hill,

“(Little Girl Giggling) Oh My!Maduk Why are you so scared of me?(Maduk was trembling when he heard the Little Girls voice, she started walking toward him nonchalantly)”

“(Maduk was frozen with fear) I........I........I......(He slowly clenched his fists) DIE!!!!!!(He raised his hand and lunged forward firing red blasts from his hand at the Little Girl and he then fired electric blasts at the Little Girl, He fired an assortment of offensive spells on the Little Girl causing a dense dust wall to form. After Maduk fired his barrage of magical blasts the noise of giggling shattered any belief of victory Maduk might have had)”

“(The Silhouette of the Little Girl appeared as the aftermath of Maduks magical attack ended, she giggled more. She came out of the barrage uninjured as if Maduks attack were completely useless) Oh My!Maduk, I thought you knew better than to challenge me when you are obviously inferior (She started giggling again). After all I was the one who allowed you to open the doorway to Hell and I was the one who decided to let you have that delightful demon pet do your bidding, remember?”

“(Maduk trembled uncontrollably with fear and he started backing away from the Little Girl, when she saw him backing away she playfully started approaching him. He used his last resort which was desperation) Vora NO! Please spare me! PLEASE!”

“(Vora Amused as she kept approaching Maduk) You actually thought you could kill me even though I thought you knew that I can't be killed, having that arrogance only shows how inferior you are Maduk. I also cannot allow you to kill one of them and I believe you know who I am talking about. In any case you should of known better than to challenge me when I can crush your guts literally”

Maduk turned tail and ran for it, Vora effortlessly disappeared and reappeared in front of him. She thrust her hand into Maduks belly ripping out his large intestine and dropping it on the ground, she seemed to take great delight in that as Maduk stared down at his ripped belly in horror. Then she thrust her hand at his lower region and ripped his penis off, Maduk instantly fell to the ground dead after that. Voras hand had an evil dark aura and was covered in blood but that didn't seem to bother her as much.

“(Vora Satisfied) Maybe you'll do better in life as a woman (She walked toward the forest thinking to herself) These beings are so amusing and yet, (She turned her head toward the Tower before she entered the forest)”

Marai managed to fire her silver arrow into the Demonic Minotaurs flaming eye, it bellowed in protest to the attack. The Demonic Minotaur stopped attacking to grab and remove the arrow in its eye, it did remove the arrow from its flaming eye successfully only to be shoot in the other flaming eye with a silver arrow. The creature bellowed even louder in anger, Marai had managed to grab and reload quickly aiming for the Minotaurs flesh in between the armor firing as fast as she could. The minotaur vanished into thin air as if it sensed something unpleasant, Naoko was exhausted from sustaining the barrier as she did and Marai looked around for the creature. Marai helped Naoko back to her feet and started escorting her when they both heard moaning coming from downstairs, once again they slowly made their way downstairs to see the downstairs room filled with the ghosts of all of the women who were murdered moaning as if they were a chorus. One of the ghosts came closer and closer to Marai and Naoko, both Naoko and Marai were frightened and started going back up when the ghost had managed to touch Marai with its transparent hand, its voice could be heard in a faint and gentle voice in Marais head,

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) Why do you fear me?

“(Marai speaking to it with her thoughts) You lunged at me why else?

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) I'm sorry, I couldn't help wanting to feel the warmth of a living body. I haven't known warmth since before I was decapitated by that monster you bested”

“(Marai confused in her thoughts) But I didn't best that creature?”

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) If you didn't then it must have been overpowered by a greater evil or feared being overpowered by a greater being”

“(Marai) Feared? What do you mean?”

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) Demons are not the most superior forms of evil in the world like so many people believe, there are greater and more terrifying creatures of evil than the living and the dead could ever imagine”

“(Marai inquisitive) Why did that Monster start kidnapping women?”

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) Well when it first arrived the king and all of the men of our town had rumors that the door into hell was being opened, so he and his army went to go investigate. No one knew Maduk was the one who opened it, but once they came down into the dark cave they discovered the door of hell completely opened and instead of attempting to close it fear overtook their minds as they ran out of the cave. Unfortunately they were followed by the monster. The King ordered his archers to fire on the creature but that was futile and did nothing, then he foolishly ordered his peasants to commit suicide charges against it which ended up killing all of the peasants as the creature ripped the peasants into many decapitated body parts on the bloody ground. The monster bellowed loudly approaching the army and then it grew taller until it was twenty feet tall towering over the army, the King ordered all of his army to kill the creature. He had no idea of what a demon was, nor did he know how one could defeat or injury a demon. Ultimately it was a bloodbath where all of the Elven men in the army except for one coward were brutally decapitated by the monsters large clawed gauntlets.”

“(Marai) But how do you know all of this? And that is impossible I met some of Queen Trianes knights and guards?”

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) I watched the battle hiding in some bushes on the sidelines and I attempted to flee back to the town only to be discovered by the creature, it kidnapped me and took me to the tower where I would die a gruesome death. The knights and guards you saw were images of men as they were before the monster came and killed them. The only ones who were alive after that battle were the women,children, Squire Xorax and the Queen, it wasn't until my experiences as a ghost that I realized the creature was kidnapping more women than myself and killing them”

“(Marai still baffled in confusion) Then why could me,Naoko and Queen Triane see them?”

“(Ghost of a Dead Elven Woman) Queen Triane has been known to see things no one else can see, she has often been criticized for her ability and I know this because I was once one of her palace guards. Queen Triane trusted me and she told me of her ability to see people who were dead walking around as if they were alive again. I abandoned my post when I wanted to see the battle between the King and the monster and I paid for it with my life. I don't know why you both had this ability but maybe you are the same as Queen Triane.”

At that moment there was a loud smashing noise that caused the entire island to shake, the ghost at that moment let go of its grip releasing Marai from the telepathic conversation. Marai looked around for the ghost but she couldn't find it, and she didn't know why she couldn't see the ghost anymore at that moment.

“(Naoko slightly annoyed as she looked at Marai) What were you doing? I was trying to talk to you and you were just staring out at the wall for no reason”

“(Marai glanced at Naoko and then looked in front of her at the stairs leading up) No time to explain right now, Lets go!”

Marai stopped assisting Naoko once she saw Naoko had had enough time to recover, they both went up the stairs until they came to the door out of the tower. Marai opened it and Naoko followed running out into the dark outside of night, they saw the demonic minotaur twenty feet tall grabbing the women into its large gauntlet and crushing them into nothingness. Then the minotaur started destroying the town by stomping on it and slamming its large gauntlets on it causing the island to shake more, Marai and Naoko immediately ran back to the town as fast as they could. Unfortunately the long distance between the tower and the town gave the monster enough time to demolish the town into rubble with many dead bodies of women and children laying everywhere, even the palace was demolished. By the time Marai and Naoko had arrived at the town the Demonic Minotaur vanished again, Marai and Naoko separated to try and find survivors. Naoko went to the town going from rubble to rubble trying to find survivors while Marai went to the palace trying to find survivors. From behind the palace there was the glint of a dagger next to a cliff that caught her eyes, she came closer to the dagger noticing blood on the blade and that was when her eye caught a reddish color contaminating the ocean water. And the source of the contamination was Queen Trianes dead body coloring all of the water around her body with blood. Marai sighed and went back to accompany Naoko after finding Queen Trianes dead body thirty feet below the cliff.

Vora was skipping away in the shadows with her monstrous companion following behind, and she stopped pondering over something,

“(Vora's thoughts) Well that was fun, projecting life in dead individuals within the minds of these mortals is so easy. Although (She looked at her bloodied hand) I took great satisfaction ending that mortals life (She giggled)”

Vora had the appearance of a girl of ten years old wearing a blue bell shaped skirt with bloomers underneath and long socks covering almost her entire legs that went into her fancy black shoes, and on top she wore a black buttoned up overcoat. Vora had long black hair drooping down but none of it was obstructing her vision in anyway and in her hair was a rather large reddish bow tie, her eyes were bright red.

She continued to skip away as if she was the happiest girl in the world, eventually she was too far into the forest for our eyes to follow.

                                    THE END

Prequel – Lacia Incident

Sequel – Golden Glory, Red Retribution

Epilogue -

Marai - After discovering that the inhabitants of the town were all dead, she and Naoko went back to Neftloft. She would spent a lot of time traveling from island to island until she had heard a rumor about, “Gloves of Smashing”. Once she had heard the rumors she ventured out to Wanshita where the events of her next adventure take place, “Golden Glory, Red Retribution”.

Naoko – She returned to her duties as a shrine priestess and devoted herself to acting with more respect after she remembered her rude behavior toward Marai who see had to admit later didn't need to be reprimanded.

Vora – She was the mastermind who orchestrated the demise of Queen Triane and the entire town, though we have no information on why she did this or even her interest in this. She did effortlessly conjure up the ability that Queen Triane had into both Naoko and Marais minds with the belief that those who were dead appeared as they did before death. When the Demonic Minotaur had stopped fighting with Naokos barrier and tried to remove the arrows flying at it, it vanished when it sensed Voras overwhelming power fearing that it would killed by that superior power. Once Marai had finished her telepathic conversation with the ghost, Vora removed this conjured illusion from both Marai and Naokos minds. Vora would finally confront Marai in, “Illure Lire Lovora Morgue”.

King Twilin – He arrived onto Mel Kore Lor to a completely empty town filled with the same destruction Marai and Naoko had seen before they left. President Tybian sent an army of riflemen to the demolished town to greet King Twilin, the two armies fought for four bloody days ultimately resulting in a stalemate despite the fact that President Tybians forces had superior technology. King Twilin had managed to use his superior artillery to cripple the advancing riflemen while he ordered his army to retreat back to Wanshita to suppress an uprising that was happening in Wanshita. President Tybian was able to claim the entire island of Mel Kore Lor for himself now that Queen Triane was dead.

Queen Triane – had suffered depression ever since Vora had allowed the Demonic Minotaur to murder her husband, sons, uncles and the entire army of the Elven men from the town. Once Naoko and Marai had arrived she had gone to far into her depression to avoid suicide, when Marai was talking to the ghost she slit her own throat with the dagger in her pocket and plunged to her death off of the cliff behind her palace.

We have no idea what happened to the Demonic Minotaur and the Strange creature that accompanied Vora, so it is up to the readers imagination to figure it out for right now.
Orchestrated by the Greater Evil Complete Story
This is the Marai adventure after, "Lacia Incident" and is right before the first Marai Story I typed/wrote up, "Golden Glory, Red Retribution" almost two years ago. I hope you enjoy this story for those of you reading it.

All Stories are typed/written by myself 
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8. Nautical Narratives
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+ Going back in Time – The 1st Time

“(Random Sailor shouting) There's Genjinshou! We're almost there Captain Hwaji!”

“(Hwaji smiles with satisfaction as he looked over at Marai and then at his wife who looked at him with jealousy) Well (he cleared his throat and signaled to the sailor his appreciation for being informed)”

Marai found herself back on the ship where she could see the island getting closer and closer, her mind was racing as she wondered about how she would prevent herself or Hwen from getting injured. She kept looking at the town until she saw the watch towers where she could visibly see far away figures watching. The ship was getting closer and closer to the island. Then she thought of an idea,

“(Marai pretending to be worried) Hwaji! I think I see something in those towers (She pointed at one tower and then the other)”

“(Hwaji seemed confused) What do you see Marai?

“(Marai) something suspicious, (She became increasingly frustrated at Hwaji) please just send some sailors up there!?

“(Hwaji followed orders just to see what Marai was so worried about) You two go check those towers for me (two of the sailors flew up toward the towers, Lacia who was cloaked on the beach saw these flying sailors as she was restraining the old priestess lady. When she realized what they were doing she ran away toward the forest as if her plan was ruined)”

The assassination plan had in fact been foiled when the sailors discovered the musketeers armed with muskets waiting on Lacias orders only to be greeted by strange creatures. They aimed their muskets at the sailors only to be quickly subdued by the sailors unexpected attacks. Some citizens stared at the sailors who came back to the ship after throwing the musketeers into the ocean to once again be forced under by some unknown force, and this time everyone on the boat managed to get onto the island a lot safer than last time. Elves were leisurely enjoying the beach taking little to no notice to the new comers this time and it was the same for the citizens who sometimes stopped in their place staring at the new comers in the town, but they decided to do something more productive with their lives than stare. It was only 12 in the afternoon so the group decided to venture to the next town beyond the forest. Though no one in the group knew where that was so Marai decided to ask Silva who happened to be walking past,

“(Marai) Excuse me?(Silvas attention was roused and she turned to greet the new comers)”

“(Silva humble) Welcome to our island (She politely bowed and Marai returned the bow as best as her eight month pregnant body would let her) is there something you need?”

“(Marai) Yes I need to know where the next town is?

“(Silva) Oh! Its straight ahead, but make sure not to get lost in the islands forest, our forest covers a good portion of our island. Oh my! (Silva let out a gasp of surprise when she looked at Marais eight month pregnant belly and chest. She put her hands around Marais belly to see if she could feel a baby moving. (Marai found this random touching of her belly slightly annoying) How far along are you?”

“(Marai slightly annoyed) Eight months”

“(Silva gave another exclamation of surprise) Your much bigger than someone whose eight months pregnant my dear (Marai made sure to restrain herself from letting out her anger) so are you planning to be pregnant for life or a mother?”

“(Marai answering the question) pregnant for life”

“(Silva unexpectedly nodded seeming to understand) Many women are doing that now in fact two thirds of the women in our world are staying pregnant because of the many benefits that come with it, and many of them say giving birth and having children is terrible when you can live forever as a pregnant woman. And when I think about that it makes the whole idea of giving birth to children a totally absurd idea. “

“(Marai wasn't aware of these facts and nodded her head understanding it) Well thank you for teaching me that (Silva stopped touching Marais belly and bid Marai farewell as she walked away)”

The group continued forward into the forest accompanied by some elven guards who were ordered to guard Marais band of new comers from violent creatures, the trees were very tall and managed to keep a good portion of light away but not all of it. Birds were chirping as loud as ever to each other, peace seemed to dominate the environment. Conversations amoung the group members were started,

“(Hwen looking at Hwaji jealously but she seemed to change her mind when Hwaji gently held her talon) Honey I'm sorry for acting”

“(Hwaji interrupted) jealous (Hwen frowned at first and then succumb to agreeing)”

“(Hwen) I just have been jilted and cheated on so many times I.....(She looked intently at Hwajis eyes like someone looking at beauty for the first time) I can't help wanting you all to myself just to make sure your really mine”

“(Hwaji hugged his wife) I know.......and I need you to trust me darling because I have never cheated on you, nor do I plan to”

The lovers engaged in their romance and they weren't alone when some of the sailors did the same with other sailors after noticing their leaders romance. Marai and the sailors who weren't engaged in this romance simply pressed onward,

“(Nearby Noise) Thump! Thump! THUMP! (The ground started rumbling as the sound of loud slamming could be heard by everyone)”

A large demonic hippo came out of the forest with Lacia riding on top of it, flames were coming out of the hippos eyes, nose and mouth. It seemed very strange that this creature wasn't causing a forest fire, nor was it burning Lacia, it was trampling from behind the group. Lacia began to laugh at this,

“(Lacia amused as she looked from individual to individual trying to determine who fits the description of Marai, it took little to no time for her to find the real Marai with her eyes) So your the person I need dead (Lacia pointed at Marai and put her hand down, she jumped off the hippo) Well I won't fail this time”

“(Hwaji panicking at the sight of the demonic hippo) Everyone run to the town there's no way we can beat this creature without magical weapons or silver weapons.”

The group began to run toward the next town and they made sure not to run in a straight line because of how fast hippos charge, Lacia ordered the hippo to charge. It took awhile for the hippo to get fast enough to get near them, the next town was within view. Marai grabbed her hook-shot and shot herself up into a tree while Hwaji attempted to grab the hippo and stop its charge, Hwaji was successful in stopping the hippos charge but eventually the hippo opened its mouth in an attempt to chomp Hwaji, Marai fired two arrows at the hippo but it had no effect on the hippo aside from irritating it. The hippo charged toward the tree Marai was in and Marai shot herself into another tree. She continued to shot from tree to tree until she came to the town gate where the group was while Hwaji flew toward the town gate to greet the group. The hippo managed to destroy the tree it charged against but didn't manage to ready itself for a pursuit after hitting the tree. The gate doors opened to a beautiful town where all of the buildings were built inside of tall trees, wood elves seemed to dwell in this town and they were completely different looking than the elves in the other town with the exception of height which they were also six feet tall or taller. The group entered the town where they had a much more positive reaction from the elves and the elven leader even came up to greet the group,

“(Keshaondra greeting) Welcome to our town (she bows and the group returns the bow) we are pleased to have gryphons, harpies and a human come to our town. We do not like to acknowledge the elves of the other town but no need to get into that. (she turned to face the crowd of elves looking at the group as if they were celebrities) Everyone lets show them our hospitality!”

The crowd cheered and helped escort the group to a store with clothing so that they could be fitted into the cultures clothing, the gates closed behind the group though it didn't matter since Lacia and her hippo weren't able to get beyond the barrier that was protecting the town. Keshaondra was in front of the group as they were escorted into the clothing store, when she entered into it she enthusiastically looked around,

“(Keshaondra excited) EVERYONE PLEASE LET OUR GUESTS USE THE CHANGING ROOMS! (The wood elves who were shopping in the building were so surprised to see their leader excited and they obeyed the orders like they always did)”

The wood elves escorting the group including Keshaondra went into the building and helped the new comers find new clothing. It took awhile for everyone to get fitted into their new outfits which very much resembled tribal looking clothing only it was wood elven style so it had more leather or studded leather. When Marai finished getting dressed she wore a bra that exposed some cleavage, a long skirt with pants underneath and of course her white belt below her belly, she had her pouch around her waist along with her bow, arrows in quiver and double hook-shot. Her belly was completely exposed which she didn't know how to feel about that, when she came out Keshaondra complimented her on the outfit,

“(Keshaondra happy) You look beautiful! Oh! I forgot to ask you your name?”

“(Marai smiled at Keshaondras happiness) I'm Marai and who are you?”

“(Keshaondra displaying her surprise by laughing at her own forgetfulness for not remembering to introduce herself) I'm Keshaondra the leader of this town (She smiled brightly and escorted Marai out of the store)”

There was a large group of citizens along with the group who now wore wood elven clothing, everyone was in a big circle around a bonfire where some roasted pigs were being cooked and there were also a good number of grills nearby where food was being prepared for everyone. The harpies,gryphons and Hwaji were all wearing slightly modern versions of tribal warrior clothing, and Hwen wore an outfit that resembled Marais except that her belly was more covered than Marais. Conversation broke the silence as everyone was waiting for the food to get done, first came introductions then the new comers were asked to talk about their culture, adventure and other topics that came to their mind. The wood elves were so attentive to the new comers stories that it seemed like they hadn't had the pleasure of entertaining guests who weren't native to their island, the wood elves were so fascinated that they couldn't seem to lost topics to talk about and they themselves tried to talk about their culture. The food had eventually gotten done after many conversations, before the wood elves ate they gave thanks to the spirits while Marai gave thanks as well. Drinks and food were being served to commemorate this special occasion so everyone was well feed, after everyone had finished their dinner some wood elves started to perform a ceremonial dance to commemorate this event. After many hours of fun and enjoyment Marai and her group were escorted to a hotel where they could spend the night in their separate rooms. When Marai was about to change into sleeping clothing she heard knocking on her door,

“(Marai turned her head toward the door) Who's there?”

“(Elmenthus) I'm Elmenthus and I was wondering if I could talk to you Miss Marai?”

“(Marai didn't know what to expect from this person she didn't know, but she politely invited him in since she knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself) Please come in Elmenthus”

The door slowly opened to reveal a young male elven warrior who was about Marais age, Marai rose to her feet to see her guest and she could see he was attractive just like most of the wood elves she saw, there was something about wood elven beauty that intrigued her curiosity. She had managed to smile as she invited him to come closer.

“(Marai intrigued) So what did you want Elmenthus?”

“(Elmenthus politely bowed to her then looked at her as if she was something he'd never seen before) So Miss I........I hope it is okay for me to ask you?”

“(Marai was impressed by his polite manner of speaking, she felt like reaching out to comfort the shy Elmenthus but resisted against it) Ask me what?”

“(Elmenthus embarrassed as he pressed his fingers together hoping to relieve his nervousness) I was wondering if you had someone? (Marais face turned red when she realized what he was asking but thought it was a ridiculous notion for someone who didn't properly know her to ask her that)”

“(Marai thought of telling him straight up, but decided not to because of Elmenthus's polite manner) No I don't have anyone, Elmenthus I think we would need to spend more time together if I were to give you what you want. And to tell you the truth I can't (Elmenthus was hurt by the rejection and he began to cry)”

Marai now felt guilty for hurting Elmenthus's feelings, she raised both of her hands to raise Elmenthus's drooped head and she started wiping away his tears smiling. In the next moment she brought him closer to her face and kissed his lips, he quickly found himself bumping Marais big eight month pregnant belly as he came closer. When Marai stopped kissing she saw he was blushing and smiled wiping any remnant of sadness that was on his face,

“(Marai comforting) Don't misunderstand my kiss, I felt you needed it to feel better (Marai felt she had sounded cold with that last remark, so she tried to redeem herself) Trust me you will have plenty of chances to find a woman just like me or better and believe me a cutie like you will(He managed to smile at that compliment but he was too smitten with her to think any woman was better)”

“(Elmenthus regaining his composure) Thank you Marai (He smiled back at Marais comforting face, he decided not to tell her he wouldn't give up on her) may I kiss you back? (Marai nodded)”

Elmenthus backed up so that he wasn't bumping her belly, he went down on his knees and kissed her belly. She felt swept off her feet when he kissed her belly, she caressed his head soothingly until he stopped and bid her goodbye. Marais heart was pounding and pounding, she looked down at her belly and instead of looking at it with disgust she smiled at it. She had a hard time sleeping because she couldn't seem to get Elmenthus off her mind though eventually she did after taking care of her urgancies.

Early the next morning she awoke to the sound of knocking, she sluggishly moved toward the door forgetting that she was only wearing her underwear. When she opened it no one was there and there was only a letter on the floor which she had trouble picking up due to her eight month pregnant body, eventually she did pick it up after some frustration picking it up,

“(Letter) Please come to my shrine”

There was no name and no directions to this shrine, Marai rubbed her eyes thinking she was too sleepy to see the name and directions but realized that there was still none to be found when she re-looked at ti. She frowned at the vagueness of the letter. She roused herself to a more wakened state then took a shower and got dressed into the wood elven cloths she was given, before she ventured out she went out to eat a large breakfast to satisfy her hunger. Where ever she went she was greeted by a happy wood elf,

“(Marai) Excuse me, do you know where a shrine might be?”

“(Elven Lady) Yes miss, it's straight down this path and to the right (The lady smiled feeling pleased to be of help)”

“(Marai respectfully bowed to the lady and the lady did the same) Thank you”

Marai followed the ladies directions and without any surprise there it was, there were some maiko sweeping the grounds. There was an older priestess who was sitting down speaking in a whispered mantra while there was a very slender and beautiful woman wearing a beautifully designed kimono and she held a stick of purple incense between her fingers as if she was smoking it,

“(Yukishiko curled her lips into a smile as she noticed Marai, before she spoke she brought the incense to her lips and puffed out purple smoke from her lips) It is nice to meet you Marai (The maiko gave Yukishiko frowns of disapproval as they saw her smoking incense) Follow me please (She started walking up a hill that was behind the shrine and Marai followed) Call me Yukishiko”

“(Marai) How did you know my name?”

“(Yukishiko didn't feel like revealing her telepathic abilities) Everyone around here knows your name my dear (Marai accepted that answer)”

“(Marai) Why did you send that letter to me?”

“(Yukishiko coolly brought the incense back to her mouth puffing out purple smoke then gave Marai a smooth expression) Well you'll see”

And soon enough there was a silver pair of gauntlets stuck in the ground and next to the gauntlets was breastplate armor, Yukishiko advised Marai to go over to it while she stood by smoking her incense. When Marai went over to it she could sense great power from the objects, she halted before the objects looking back at Yukishiko wondering why these objects were so powerful,

“(Marai crouched before the objects) Why are these so powerful Yukishiko?”

“(Yukishiko puffing out more incense before coolly speaking) These objects were relics of the forgotten age of magic and they have the ability to change into whatever objects are imperative to the current situation or they change into whatever form seems useful to the person needing them, since it changed itself into a weapon and armor I can only guess you will have to protect us from something and the reason why it is you is because it currently has your name on both of the objects.”

Marai came closer to the objects and picked them up walking herself back over to Yukishiko, Yukishiko waited patiently smoking away and eventually her incense stick was no more than a used up stick. They started their way back to the shrine,

“(Yukishiko) Oh! And last night a woman, a demonic hippo and an army of men armed with muskets attempted to come into our village last night (Marai didn't remember any of this as she made faces assuming she'd of heard it) luckily my grandmothers barrier defended the entire town from the attack as our warriors managed to retaliate. We managed to kill the men and injure the woman but the hippo ran away in the same direction as the woman”

Marais eyes opened wide as she realized that once Lacia was seriously wounded she was bound to transform and she also remembered the old priestess who was at the shrine and the one who was threatened at the other town. She began to wonder if they were the same people,

“(Marai) How long has your grandmother been protecting the town?

“(Yukishiko) Ever since yesterday morning (she grabbed another stick of incense sticking it in her lips, she raised one of her long slender fingers emitting a small flame from the top of the finger. The incense began to let out smoke)”

Yukishiko didn't express any interest in why Marai asked the question and seemed more interested in the incense she was smoking, Marai believed Yukishikos answer didn't prove to be very helpful aside from knowing what her grandmother had been doing. It didn't take long for them to arrive back to the shrine which was the same as usual except that the maiko weren't cleaning anymore. Yukishikos grandmother was still where she was before, they pressed on as Yukishiko lead Marai back to her hotel room so that Marai could drop off the two magical objects. Afterwords they went to a restaurant to get lunch where they managed to get the meal with many smiling wood elves looking at Marai from time to time. It was during this meal that the ground underneath them began to shake with the sound of loud slamming, Marai surmised what it was while everyone else was in a state of panic except for Yukishiko who looked over at Marai as if Marai knew exactly what to do. Marai got up from the table she was seated at and ran out of the building with the many curious wood elves who were in the restaurant, to no surprise to her it was Lacia in her third transformation or third phase. Lacia appeared just as she did before and she was slamming the barrier with her enlarged hands until she happened to see Marai below,

“(Lacia sexually flirtatious just like last time) Oh Marai darling don't you like my body, I'm so sorry you missed my first and second transformation even though they were failure forms compared to this one”

Marai rolled her eyes and ran into the hotel to go get the two objects she had recently gotten, it seemed strange that Hwaji, Hwen and the sailors weren't awake though if both of Hwaji and Hwen were still sleeping then the sailors wouldn't come out until their leaders woke up regardless of what noises they heard outside. When she came out of the hotel she wore the breastplate armor that accommodated her full eight month pregnant body and she wore the silver lion gauntlets, she marched herself toward Lacia outside of the barrier while the wood elves in the town stared either at Marai or at Lacia.

“(Keshaondra worried) Marai what are you doing!? That woman is going to crush you”

“(Marai turned her head back to look at Keshaondra) Don't worry I'll crush her this time (Keshaondra gave Marai a shocked look) You just take care of the town (Keshaondra nodded to that, Marai then faced Lacia) (Yelling) LACIA FIGHT ME NOW!”

Lacia smiled at the challenge as if it were pleasurable and she extended her upper torso like a snake as she lunged forward destroying the barrier, at that moment Marai knew that Yukishikos grandmother had either died or become too exhausted to continue to hold the barrier. Marai got herself into a fighting stance preparing to fight off Lacia who was crawling on her hands at a fast pace toward Marai,

“(Lacia) Come to Mama Lacia!(She laughed in her usual crazed way)”

When they met Marai unleashed an onslaught of punches, Lacia felt every punch from Marais lion gauntlets and she attempted to bite Marai but it failed. Then Lacia made her hands larger hoping to crush Marai that way but once again she failed and her hands took the damage,

“(Lacia let out a loud scream which made Marai fall on her butt, as quick as she could she crawled toward her gigantic main body hoping to get back to it. Lacias thoughts) DAMN! How could she do this to me! How could she do this to me!”

Having gotten up from where she had fallen Marai raced after Lacia, Lacia caught on to what was going on and breathed acid though Marai was quick enough to dodge it jumping to the side, she punched Lacia many times until Lacia fell to the ground defeated. The defeated Lacia struggled to get herself up as she faced Marai laughing,

“(Lacia breathing heavily after suffering many punches) Well......I......guess.......I have to resort”

Marai had a pretty good idea of what she was talking about, when she went forward Lacias upper torso poly-morphed into the top half of a chimaera. Marai didn't expect this development as she was on the defensive against the top half of a lion, goat head, eagle head and the tail of a serpent. Marai was constantly on the defensive being pushed back as she continued to block the attacks thrown at her, in one moment Lacia stopped when she roared loudly causing Marai to be pushed back even further. Arrows plunged toward Lacias chimaera body parts as well as her main body though they of course had no idea that she had a bomb inside of her like the citizens of the other town did last time, Yukishiko puffed out smoke and with her other hand she forced the smoke to hit Lacia. Lacias chimaera upper torso had become blinded by the smoke and Marai seeing her opportunity ran toward Lacia striking her as many times as she could. Lacia retreated faster than Marai anticipated returning back to her main body,

“(Lacia Defeated) Well I guess I must resort to it since I'm getting nowhere fighting this way but I won't (Everyone who was looking at Lacia could see that she was slowly regenerating from her wounds)”

All of the arrows that were fired into Lacias body were repelled when she took a deep breath and she laughed at the pitiful attempts to injure her during the fighting, Marai refused to relent charging toward Lacias humongous crotch. Hwaji, Hwen and the sailors flew forward toward Lacia to defeat her after they had all woken up enough to prepare themselves for this battle, raising one large hand Lacia summoned a naginata preparing herself to cut down these enemies. The wood elves joined in the fight armed with longbows firing their arrows, so the battle began. Lacia was successful in cutting down her foes with her naginata but she was dealt more damage than her opponents were, at last after an hour of fighting Lacia managed to repel all of her opponents by summoning a large barrier and she began to transform into her most powerful form. It during this moment that Marai realized she was no match for Lacia even when she was better prepared so she decided to turn the clock back to when she first became aware of Lacias attacking the wood elven town.

Going Back In Time – The 2nd Time

It was during this meal that the ground underneath them began to shake with the sound of loud slamming, Marai surmised what it was while everyone else was in a state of panic except for Yukishiko who looked over at Marai as if Marai knew exactly what to do. Marai got up from the table she was seated at and ran out of the building with the many curious wood elves who were in the restaurant, to no surprise to her it was Lacia in her third transformation or third phase. Lacia appeared just as she did before and she was slamming the barrier with her enlarged hands until she happened to see Marai below,

“(Lacia sexually flirtatious just like last time) Oh Marai darling don't you like my body, I'm so sorry you missed my first and second transformation even though they were failure forms compared to this one”

“(Marai instead of using violence decided to talk to Lacia, she ignored Lacias question) So I was thinking that I don't know you and maybe we could talk it out”

“(Lacia stopped attacking the barrier and smiled brightly at Marai as if the idea sounded great to her) Alright dear (She laid her arms on the top part of her humongous belly looking at Marai) My name is Lacia and I'm here to.......uh.......kill you (She struggled to say, “kill you” blushing with embarrassment)”

“(Marai stayed emotionless) Why have you come to kill me?

“(Lacia struggled to form the words and seemed a bit self-conscious while talking to Marai) Well I want a better and different life, so I was given the assignment of terminating you.”

“(Marai raising one eyebrow) Well why don't you go somewhere else to live like here?”

“(Lacia slightly irritated) Well as a prostitute I'm sure my reputation has become known in many places including this town”

“(Yukishiko intervening) Nope nobody here knows you and as long as you don't bomb yourself up with that device it will likely stay that way (Yukishiko then realized that the object Lacia swallowed wasn't a bomb at all after believing it was at first)”

“(Lacia surprised that Yukishiko knew about the device) How did you know that?

“(Yukishiko once again ignored the question smoking her incense and puffing the smoke out, she pretended it was to amuse Lacia) Trust me dear you would of blown up if that bomb was detonated based on impact, I'm right aren't I? (She smugly smiled)”

“(Lacia silently nodded at Yukishiko) So who are you?”

“(Yukishiko puffed out purple incense smoke and she spelled her name with the smoke) Now you know deary (She ignored the question posed to her about who she was)”

“(Keshaondra) If you wanted to make a new life for yourself then just go north of here and start your own community. I can always send a man your way if your having trouble in that department”

“(Lacia nodded at the suggestion, she had never considered the possibility of making a life for herself because she had been hoping the Goddess of Lust would provide a new life for her but now she changed her mind) Well in that case I won't bother to kill Marai (She smiled and waved goodbye to the group below her. She also remembered that the Goddess didn't care whether she succeeded or not) Thank you everyone and goodbye my darling Marai (She blew kisses at Marai, then she levitated and went in the direction Keshaondra had advised)”

“(Marai let out a loud yell of excitement) YES! YES! YES! (She noticed all of the wood elves faces change from scared to calm, and more people including Keshaondra joined in the cheering)”

Marai and Yukishiko went back toward the restaurant accompanied by Keshaondra and many wood elves.

                                 THE END

Prequel – Nautical Narratives

Sequel – Distress at the Tower


- Marai continued to enjoy her time with the wood elves for a time before she would set out for next adventure in, “Distress at the Tower”. She had learned to appreciate her pregnant body more and had a short romance with Elmenthus before she left the island. Marai returned the silver lion gauntlets and the breastplate armor to where she found them, and after this adventure the watch no longer worked for her but she kept it anyway. The wood elves were saddened by the departure of the new comers and hoped to see them come back to the island again.

Hwen and Hwaji stayed for a much shorter time at the wood elven village because they felt that they had done their job in assisting and protecting Marai. They both set out for their home island: Quanel along with the sailors, and as time went by Hwen became less jealous of Hwaji but there were always those moments where Hwaji prompted her to display that same jealousy.

The Great Goddess of Lust: Illena had actually given Lacia an inflation device and had lied about it being a bomb, but it seemed more useful to tell Lacia that it was a bomb since it would instill a sense of power in Lacia. Although Lacia didn't do what the Goddess wanted, the Goddess didn't care and was only interested in starting trouble as she toyed around with Lacia. She had fooled Lacia into believing that Lacia could change her fate by being the pawn of the catalyst.

Lacia was the victim of poverty and of being abandoned by her parents at a very young age, so her life was spent on the streets where she frequently had to beg for food, when she became older she was adopted by a prostitute who attempted to educate her. Poverty once again hit Lacia and her adopted mother she when came to be a girl in her late teens she went into the prostitution business thinking it was the only way to live out of poverty. As time went on she loathed her life and was frequently insulted, slandered and shamed by women and men. It was at this point in her life she went to the temple of the Great Goddess Illena who spoke back to her. The Goddess told Lacia that she could only change her life if she killed Marai and thus this story contains the events of that attempt. After Lacia went into the direction Keshaondra directed her to go she found a nice unoccupied area of the island where she would begin her life anew. She threw up the object she had swallowed which caused her to undergo her powerful transformation while she was in that form she had managed to impregnate herself either with or without the help of a male partner. She had become larger during pregnancy than she ever in all of her forms. Even though she had thrown up the object she swallowed she still was just as powerful as she was with the object inside of her body and she could undergo these transformation at anytime but it took a long time before she could revert to her pre-phase 1 form, during her larger than phase 4 pregnancy she went to a much bigger island during most of the duration and returned when she had had enough time. After her attempt to kill Marai she gradually gained more wisdom and intelligence during her pregnancy and during her starting a community as the matriarch.

Yukishiko remained on the island but had a way of frequently appearing in adventures Marai underwent smoking her incense as always. It is hard to know much about Yukishiko because she is a character more complex than the part she played in this story.

Rettia left the island sailing toward one of the islands where modernization had already taken place, she was often riding motorcycles and fighting gang wars once she had become a leader of her own gang.

Quawn had only been on the island to visit, yet during his visit he never once saw Marai despite being the one who gave her the double-hookshot in the previous story. He never went so far as the wood elven town but stayed in the first town for some time before he swam back to his home on Quanel.

Another mysterious character in this story is the demonic hippo who after its involvement in this story disappeared from the island never to appear there again. It doesn't make another appearance until its last appearance in Marais adventure in the story, “Weight of Discrimination”
Lacia Incident Part II
This is the 2nd and final part of, "Lacia Incident" including the Epilogue. I would like to say that I will only do one more pregnant inflation story in the future and that will be in the story, "Transformation Anew", so I will no longer do pregnant inflation stories. I hope you enjoy this story

All stories are written/typed by myself
Lacia Incident

“(voice) So if I kill Marai then what kind of reward do I get?

“(sensual toned voice) Well my dear, I am a goddess and I can grant any wish your heart desires. Surely you possess the insight to know that a deities power far outrank that of a mere mortal”

“(voice) Yes I am aware and I will do as you ask great goddess Illena

“(Great Goddess of Lust: Illena) Very good, and take this if as a last resort you should need it

The two would continue to talk for a long time in private, meanwhile Marai was hook shooting through a jungle from tree to tree with ecstatic joy on the island of Quanel. The Harpy and Gryphon inhabitants on the island took delight or scoffed at this frivolous display of joy, Marai would look at her double hook shot with amazement before hook shooting into another tree and she found enjoyment in seeing more of the beautiful islands landscape. Marai continued to hook shot to locations all over the island until she would eventually come back to the Gryphon village where she was greeted at the gate by her good friend Hwaji,

“(Hwaji spread his long arms) Welcome back Marai, I'm glad Quawns gift is to your liking (Marai came up to him embracing him and Hwaji feared he would hurt Marai with his big taloned claws and he also made sure to be careful about hugging Marai when she had an eight months pregnant body) “

“(Marai smiling brightly as she hadn't in awhile) Yes I love it! (They both gradually broke off their embrace) Oh! (She became curious about Quawn) where is Quawn?

“(Hwaji standing tall on his back talons like a humanoid) Well......(He didn't know)”

“(Marai began to worry a bit but then was overcome by her happiness when she thought that Quawn was perfectly fine wherever he was) Well anyway lets go eat”

“(Hwaji nodded in approval as both of them strolled down the village to where the local restaurants were) “

They both went to one of the restaurants where Marai heartily ate the food she was given and she would occasionally look at the Gryphon inhabitants of the village walking just like humanoids on their back feet. During Marais three week visit on the island she noticed how there were more merchants from the more advanced places of Hiroshigate coming to introduce their technological advances to the inhabitants. Once Marai finished eating she bid Hwaji good night and went to her sleeping hut where she came face to face with a long circular mirror that revealed her eight month pregnant body as well as her pouch around her waist and double hook-shots slung on her back, she felt somewhat disgusted and repulsed at her pregnant belly but quickly got over it remembering that it was something she needed to get used to instead of dislike. She prepared herself for bed and laid on the bed feeling tired, sleep came over her like a friend knowing what was best.

“(Marais Dream) Marai was swinging from jungle vine to jungle vine seeing the beautiful waterfalls and mountains on the island, and when she looked at herself she couldn't make out whether she had a pregnant body or her pre-pregnant body. Then all of a sudden her dream changed into a dark room and then there was a large area of the room that slowly lit itself revealing a gem encrusted watch.”

The morning arrived quickly as Marai found herself waking up from her dream with the bright glow of the sun hitting her face and after giving a yawn she slowly roused herself. She put her spandex pants, t-shirt which luckily happened to cover both her chest and belly while she also equipped herself with her pouch, double hookshot and white belt below her belly. When she was packing up she happened to find the watch she saw in her dream in the middle of the floor, yet she didn't know what the watchs importance was aside from its appearance in her dream but she grabbed it anyway and packed it with her other belongings. Again she was greeted by Hwaji who was in front of the apartment waving his taloned claws,

“(Hwaji smiling as Marai came toward him) Greetings and Salutations! Did you get everything packed up?”

“(Marai smiling back) Morning! Yes I'm all packed up and I'm ready to leave whenever you are”

“(Hwaji friendly) Alright well lets..(Another Gryphon shoved him aside interrupting him)

“(Hwen angry) What are you doing taking Marai by yourself!? I'm your WIFE! (She smacked him in the face out of jealousy)”

“(Hwaji passive as he looks at his wife) Look Hwen you always do this to me and I never have the corrupt intentions you always think I do”

“(Hwen still angry) The last husband I had cheated on me with those filthy harpies and those other women (female gryphons), OF COURSE I'M JEALOUS HWAJI!”

“(Hwaji submit to his wifes jealousy even though he was innocent) Well would you please give Marai a ride back?”

“(Hwen losing her anger as she saw her husbands submission) Well of course I'll help her, either by myself or (She glared back at her husband suspiciously) with you my dear husband. “

“(Hwaji nodded as he turned to look over at Marai) Is that okay with you Marai?(Sighing after he posed the question and his wifes eyes darted at him with flames making him more attentive)”

“(Marai burst out laughing at the whole situation) Yes that's perfectly fine (Hwen stared curiously at Marai wondering what was the relationship between her husband and Marai) Say why didn't you tell me she was your wife Hwaji? I always thought she was your girlfriend until she mentioned just now that she was your wife”

This question forced Hwaji into a state of complete defeat as his wife grabbed him with one of her taloned claws lifting him as high as she could to impose her threatening jealousy, Hwaji for the moment felt he disliked Marai for what she said but knew he would get over it sooner than Hwen would get over her jealousy. It was settled all three of them got onto a good sized boat after Marai bid farewell to the gryphon inhabitants and harpy inhabitants of the island. Hwen made sure to pack the food provisions and drink provisions while Marai managed to carry her light load, Hwaji was waiting patiently for Marai and Hwen to finish up with their tasks. They set sail with a nice breeze blowing their good sized boat toward the island of Genjinshou, the crew of harpy and gryphon sailors rambled around the deck below attending to their tasks while Marai, Hwen and Hwaji stood tall on the upper floor deck. The sky was filled with ominous looking clouds that appeared as if they were beckoning to strike the world below with thunder and lightning. four hours passed before a sailor caught sight of Genjinshou,

“(Random Sailor shouting) There's Genjinshou! We're almost there Captain Hwaji!”

“(Hwaji smiled with satisfaction as he looked over at Marai and then at his wife who looked at him with jealousy) Well (he cleared his throat and signaled to the sailor his appreciation for being informed)”

Little did they know that a cloaked figure stood on the island of Genjinshou waiting on the beach where the view of the port and the ocean could be easily seen, the cloaked figure waited until the boat came closer and closer until it was at the port. Then the cloaked figure went over into a nearby house dragging an old priestess woman out, the old woman struggled to get up but managed to,

“(Cloaked figure) Is Marai on that ship? Tell me now or you will suffer!”

“(Old Priestess Woman feeling hurt as she attempted to rise to her feet as best she could for someone her age) Yes she is......(The woman fell to the ground exposing the many lash wounds that were on her back)”

The cloaked figure was satisfied with that answer giving a chuckle of laughter, the figure signaled to two watch towers where two individuals aimed their muskets and loaded them for a single sniper shot. Right when the snipers fired, the harpies and all of the gryphons became attentive, Hwen pushed Marai out of the way and was hit by both of the musket balls. The sailors and Hwaji flew into the sky with great speed in the directions where the snipers fired their muskets, and once the snipers were found they were thrown into the ocean where they were forced under by some unknown creature. Marai got to her feet to tend to Hwens wounds,

“(Marai worried for Hwens life) WE NEED HELP!”

The cloaked figure acknowledged defeat by walking away toward the town as the elven citizens were perplexed by this situation watching the new comers, there was a medical official who came running as fast as she could toward the port where all of the commotion was taking place.

“(Doctor Hersha) Let me through! (the sailors gradually moved out of the way allowing the she-elven doctor to get past) What happened!?”

“(Marai answering back) Shes been hit by musket balls fired into her chest and abdomen, assassins were trying to hit me but she saved me”

The doctor got her equipment out of her medical kit as she tended to the suffering Hwen who was wounded to a point where she would need serious medical attention. Doctor Hersha got to her feet looking behind herself and turned toward the town whistling as loud as she could, the elven citizens who were watching knew that the whistling meant that more medical personnel were needed and they ran over to the hospital to attempt to get Doctor Hersha more help. Hersha grabbed her medical kit and ordered some of the sailors to carry Hwen along with follow her to the hospital, Marai, Hwaji and some sailors followed the Doctor feeling worried for Hwen.

“(Elven Mayor) HEY who are all of you?

A young elven woman dressed in a fancy suit of armor was on top of the hill at the border of the town and the beach, Marai stopped when she came to the mayor,

“(Marai) I am Marai (She indicated herself and the mayor seemed to recognize the name as she gave a look of surprise) and over there is my injured friend Hwen along with her husband Hwaji (She pointed to the moving crowd that soon went out of sight when they entered the hospital).”

“(Elven Mayor bows to show respect to Marai and Marai did likewise) I am Silva and I am mayor of this town, I must admit this is one of the most random incidents I've had to deal with (Silva gave a nonchalant expression)”

“(Marai) yeah I know what you mean I didn't expect this to happen at all (Her face became sad)”

“(Silva examined Marai cloths) I think you need a better outfit Marai, the one your wearing doesn't suit you”

“(Marai looking at herself felt no shame wearing the jungle outfit that the harpy inhabitants fashioned for her and it was adjusted to fit her eight month pregnant body) This outfits fine. (Silva gave an unrelenting expression of disbelief, so Marai changed her mind) Alright, just make sure to have it specially made for me”

Silva lead the way and Marai followed behind, Silva looked at the confused and panic stricken citizens,

“(Silva reassuring) Please calm down everyone the situation is fine and these people are visiting our town, so please don't assume they are villainous or evil in any way.”

They continued on their way as the citizens were more at ease with the reassurance. The day would be concluded with Marai sleeping in a hotel near the hospital while Hwaji disobeyed doctors orders by sleeping outside of the room Hwen was in, the sailors felt it was important to station themselves in places close to Marai and close to Hwaji in case another unexpected attack happened without their knowledge. Right before Marai went to sleep she felt something calling to her, she discovered that the object that was calling her was the watch she had put in her pouch. She examined it with great curiosity though she couldn't understand why this watch was calling her, nor could she fathom what it could do so she went to sleep after putting it back into her pouch.

“(Hwaji was in a state of melancholy as he met Marai in the early morning of the next day in the town square) doing worst (he briefly looked away sad) It seems those bullets were filled with poison and the poison seems to be too strong”

“(Marais worries resurfaced to reflect the same concerns Hwaji currently had) I see....(Marai began to think it over as she felt intense anger at the snipers who did this) DAMN THEM! (there were elves that stared at them wondering what brought about this sudden anger and more elves stared at the new comers after Marais burst of anger)”

“(Hwaji contemplating) Why were there snipers trying to kill you or Hwen (He didn't seem to know who was the real target of the shooters was)”

“(Marai unsure) Well I know I have a reputation as a hero so that is liable to make me a target, but why would they shoot Hwen or actually..... (She then wondered why the shooters were trying to kill her in the first place)”

“(Hwaji crying as he couldn't believe his wife was on the verge of death) WHY! WHY! (He then changed from sadness to anger as he felt the strong urge to kill the ones behind the attack on his wife)I'll crush them I swear I'll crush them!”

Hwaji sped off at full speed away from Marai. Marai attempted to stop him but he was too frenzied to be talked out of his desire for vengeance, she then sighed wondering what she should do as she saw the elven citizens still staring at her until they eventually found better things to do with themselves. She made her way to a restaurant where she was recognized by the elves who worked there and they gave her a free meal because of her heroic deeds. An unexpected guest appeared entering the restaurant, this guest was none other than Quawn the mock turtle who was being escorted to a table by an elven waitress who towered over him in height which is no surprise considering the elves of the island were six feet tall or taller. He picked up his menu trying to decide what to get while many elves stared at him wondering why he was being served food when he himself could be served on the menu but many of the elves dismissed the idea as they could never conceive of elves ever wanting to consume a hideous creature like a mock turtle. Neither Marai nor Quawn noticed each other while they were in the restaurant. After Marai had consumed her big lunch she gave a long satisfied sigh of relief as she rubbed her belly smiling though it was a short lived satisfaction when her mind went back to wondering what Hwaji was doing.

Unbeknownst to Marai, Hwaji and his gryphon sailors had discovered the cloaked figure with a large group of musketeers in the outskirts of the town. The cloaked figure seemed angry with this development as the large group of musketeers behind aimed their muskets prepared to fire at Hwajis sailors,


“(Hwaji seething with vengeance) YOU SHOT MY WIFE AND I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR THAT!!!”


Hwaji lost all control of his temper by this point and ordered his sailors to fly around the trees to attack the musketeers before they get a chance to fire while he went straight forward toward the cloaked figure, the cloaked figure stood their ground and ordered the musketeers to focus on killing the sailors while drawing two long swords from out of their sheaths that were attached to the figures belt. The battle started with gun fire permeating the air at fast speeds and the battle between Hwaji versus the cloaked figure began with Hwaji slashing the cloak off to reveal a young woman with black hair wearing a rangers garb. The woman lunged forward thrusting and swinging her swords at Hwaji though Hwaji was dodging these attacks, during the duel between Hwaji and the woman there was a blood bath in the fight between the musketeers and sailors where the fighters on both sides were being killed within minutes. Hwaji managed to gain the upper hand on the woman when he shattered the blade of one long sword thus rendering it into a useless sword without a blade, so the woman threw it away and began to retreat away from the battle still prepared to fight off Hwaji if he advanced toward her. Hwaji advanced at the woman with his taloned claws prepared to rip the woman to pieces and when he was about to she suddenly disappeared without a trace, so he stood looking at the spot where she was in vain as if he failed but soon regained himself by turning around to slaughter the musketeers who were getting killed at a faster pace than the sailors due to their time consuming need to reload and fire their muskets as well as aim their musket at the enemy which was no easy task against the sailors. Eventually the musketeers lost their morale and they ran away from the sailors and Hwaji who relented their attack when they saw the musketeers retreating demoralized, the musketeers threw down their muskets on the ground and ran away into the woods only to be captured by wood elves later that day.

“(Hwaji frustrated) DAMN! I couldn't kill her.......(Hwaji saw the many bloody corpses of men, harpies and gryphons that lay before him, he turned to face what remained of his harpy and gryphon sailors) WE HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY! AND FOR THAT VICTORY LET US PUT OUR DEAD TO PROPER REST”

After Hwaji and his sailors buried the bodies of the dead sailors and humans they came back to the town only to be greeted by Silva and a group of her elven warriors,

“(Silva curtly moving her lips as she looked at Hwaji then at the harpies and gryphons behind him) So why were you fighting those humans in the woods? And don't lie because I know everything my spies have reported to me (Serious expression overtook her face)”

“(Hwaji confessing) I saw a large group of humans being lead by the woman who shot my wife, so I went back to my sailors and convinced them to come with me to face that woman and her army of humans. We engaged in a blood fight but I wasn't able to finish that woman off (anger swelled within him at the thought of that womans being still alive)”

“(Silva nodded unemotionally) Well then we now know your story but now we will need their stories (She pointed at the sailors behind Hwaji)”

“(Hwaji looked back at them reassuring them that it'd be fine as long as they told the events of what transpired, then he looked back at Silva) Alright I will allow you to do as you ask as long as you let them go after questioning them?

“(Silva nodded and proceeded to questioning them)”

Contrary to Hwajis victory the woman felt utter defeat sting her after she was transported to the towns temple of Illena, it was empty besides the woman and in front of her was the sexualized statue of Illena,

“(Lacia furious) DAMN! (She punched the floor tiles out of frustration repeatedly)”

The statue animated itself to life,

“(Great Goddess of Lust: Illena) so even with an army of musketeers you were unable to achieve your goal, perhaps I should have sent you the hippo instead. In fact you were the one who came to me asking how you could gain the power to seduce any lover of your choosing”

“(Maribel) As a prostitute I am treated like an honor-less wretch who doesn't deserve to find love or to even exist, and the one person who did love me was forced by his family to commit suicide if he made love to me which he did (She chuckled but then became sadden again)”

“(Great Goddess of Lust: Illena) Lacia Xand (The goddesses voice became soothing) prejudice, pride and honor are such deplorable qualities in people, and these people forget how important expressing their sexuality is without these codes of restrictions. In any case this task I have given you is of no importance to me despite my dislike of Marai, so if you wish not to do this quest then I will think no less of you (She smiled brightly).”

“(Lacia strongly felt she could still achieve the job she set out to do) NO! I will kill her tomorrow and I will use my last resort if I must”

“(Great Goddess of Lust: Illena) Well if you do use the last resort make sure to spit it out before the end and make absolutely sure you don't let the madness consume your mind.”

Day two was concluded with the town in a panic when the recent news of the battle between the humans and the new comers was revealed to the people, Silva was unable to keep the knowledge silent once one of her guards accidentally let it slip his lips. Hwaji had once again slept near the room where Hwen was, in her hotel room Marai had grabbed her food pouch and gave into her pregnant appetite eating more than necessary. She quickly fell asleep with a bloated eight month pregnant belly which would be fixed once she felt the need to unload her urgencies and did so, Lacia was able to get a room in the same hotel as Marai though she didn't realize it until the next day. Doctor Hersha had figured out how to save Hwen from the poison after conducting many tests on the DNA of the poison.

Day three began with the citizens frenzied in fear of these new comers especially with Hwaji and his sailors, for the moment Hwaji was told to stay put at the hospital to prevent any hostile attacks from being committed. The sailors would stay put on the ship for the day. Marai put on her new outfit Silva helped her get thinking it was great because it fully covered her belly and chest which were the toughest body parts to cover as a pregnant woman, she grabbed her pouch and then left her room once she was equipped with her gear. Lacia happened to be in the room right across from Marai and she also was leaving her room only to be surprised when she saw Marai, Marai was surprised by this encounter too. Lacia couldn't resist her angry animosity toward Marai for everything she had gone through in trying to kill Marai,

“(Lacia furious) DAMN YOU! IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO DIE!!!!(At that moment a skimpy dressed woman came out of Lacias room running past and going down the stairs as if terrified for her life, Marai noticed the fleeing woman thinking it was very strange. Lacia seemed to get more angry when she noticed Marai watching the fleeing woman) WELL THAT'S THE ONLY SATISFACTION I'VE HAD TRYING TO KILL YOU”


Many of the residents in the nearby rooms came out of their rooms to see what the noisy commotion was and two spoke out,

“(Resident #1) Please do us the justice of Yelling somewhere else because not everyone is lively enough to start SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF THEIR VOICES LIKE YOU TWO!”


During all of the residents yelling an argument broke out between the residents who were yelling at Marai and Lacia and the residents who before the yelling were still too sleepy to talk were now enraged at the annoying continuation of commotion. Marai went downstairs first keeping her eye fixed on Lacia and Lacia did the same making sure to keep an eye on Marai. Marai and Lacia had their eyes glaring at each other with anger, Marai grabbed her food pouch and drink pouch which contained an unlimited amount of food and drinks one only had to reach into it and grab what they wanted. As Marai had filled herself full with her breakfast she was very surprised at Lacias willingness to wait until she was done with breakfast,

“(Marai annoyed at Lacias constant staring as she was wiping her lips with a handkerchief) So are you going to stare at me all day or what?”

Lacia drew her long sword lunging toward Marai who grabbed a quarterstaff that happened to be next to her, Marai parried Lacias attack. The residents in the room began to vacate the building believing that they wanted no part of this new comer violence. The battle continued with Marai who managed to land many staff strikes onto Lacia who was obviously inexperienced at combat, eventually Lacia fell down to the ground beaten and Marai threw down the quarterstaff arming herself with her bow and arrows. She prepared to fire at Lacia who was breathing deeply on the ground,

“(Lacia breathing deeply) I.......guess......I......must use it..(Marai became alarmed at hearing this not knowing what she should do nor did she know what Lacia was talking about)”

Lacia had managed to get enough energy to grab something from inside her jacket and put it into her mouth to be swallowed, the strange part was why was the object being swallowed not being thrown up because it was too big for the esophagus to allow passage yet somehow it managed to pass through her esophagus into her stomach and so on so forth,

“(Marai became more worried and put her bow and arrow away believing it was not going to help) What are you doing!?”

“(Lacia started laughing as if she had gone insane and then she looked at Marai with a half crazed expression of delight on her face) I've eaten an inflating bomb that will go off in 24 hours from now, so if you strike it inside of my body then BOOM (Lacias face beamed with satisfaction)”

Something unexplained started happening to Lacia, she was becoming more beautiful and youthful than her original appearance. She began to act like a completely different person than she was before she swallowed whatever she swallowed, she began to strip her clothing off to the point she was only wearing her underwear. Marai couldn't believe what was going on and stormed out of the hotel. Lacias body and appearance had become as beautiful and luscious as the goddess of lust, she walked upstairs believing she could quell her high sex drive with one of the residents. As Lacia was going upstairs she somehow made her boobs and butt bigger by touching those body parts with her hands, she gave a perverse smile and emitted an erotic sigh of pleasure.

* Phase 1 of Lacias Transformation – Phase lasts 1 hour

Beautiful and Lustful
High Sex Drive
Can alter appearance

Marai found many angry residents outside of the building who silently refused to listen to her, Silva managed to get through the crowds and up to Marai looking anxious,

“(Silva) So what's going on now? I had to deal with your friends fighting yesterday and the day before there was an assassination attempt on you, so I need you to tell me everything that's going on Marai”

Marai told Silva everything she knew and what the residents of the town needed to fear from,

“(Silva horror struck) WHAT!? She's going to blow herself up!?”

The citizens panicked and started running all through the town shouting that there was a bomb about to blow up any minute, Silva was powerless to stop this spreading fear that caused the residents to pack their things and flee into the forest for protection. It was odd that none of the residents from the hotel were reacting and none of the residents left their hotel rooms as if they were in a deep slumber unable to wake, neither one of them knew that those residents had become deeply infatuated with Lacia who was on a sexual escapade with the female and male residents in the hotel who became bewitched by Lacias strange power which luckily Marai wore her white belt so she was protected against this bewitchment. Doctor Hersha never gave in to the fear and persisted in treating Hwen along with her nurses who were told to continue doing their job, Hwaji left the hospital going to the hotel where he saw Marai, Silva, some elven guards and his sailors all in the center of town talking amoungst each other about what they should do,

“(Hwaji slightly alarmed from the screaming citizens as he continued to see citizens leaving the town) Good morning to you all (everyone looked at him with worried faces) so what's the bomb these people are referring to?”

“(Elven Officer) Lady Marai saw the woman in there eat and swallow a bomb or at least that is what the woman told lady Marai”

“(Hwaji curious) Then why are the citizens fleeing if the bombs in here (points to the hotel)?”

“(Silva) No one wants to know how big an explosion will come out of this bomb, nor do they want to take the chances of finding out. You must understand we are a very cautious people here and tend to avoid foreign affairs as much as we can aside from allowing merchants, visitors and tourists to come here.”

“(Marai gave Silva a sharp look indicating her slight annoyance) Foreign or not we must deal with this and figure out how we can stop her without exploding the bomb......(everyone fell silent not knowing what to do)”

No solution could be figured out amoung them, yet at this same time Lacia felt a strange feeling come from her body and she knew that it was only a matter of a couple of minutes before her hour of sexual delight would end, so she went into a restroom cleaning herself as best as she could. Next she felt her belly and crotch jiggle at faster and faster rates until an hour had officially passed since her swallowing the bomb, she gave a loud scream when that happened and the group outside the hotel clearly heard the scream. Lacias crotch and belly were inflating and getting fatter but only at a slow pace, she bore an expression of worry that quickly changed back to her insane laughing. She walked down the stairs and saw the crowd outside, instead of taking the exit crowded by the group she took the back way exit. There was a mirror on the wall next to the back way exit door that distracted her, when she looked in the mirror she noticed her face was becoming slightly less beautiful and her appearance had also become slightly less beautiful but to tell the truth it barely affected her. Lacia had a sudden jolt or spurt of the moment as she creep back to where her striped cloths lay searching them for something until she grabbed a small metal remote like device, once found it she stuffed it into her bra. She wore underwear that expanded with her body no matter how skinny or fat she became, in any case she didn't realize she had attracted the eyes of some of the crowd outside so when she did realize it she ran over to the back way exit door opening it as quietly as she could.

* Phase 2 of Lacias Transformation – Phase lasts 3 hours

Crotch and Belly begin to inflate and get fatter
Ability to Fly
Has less beauty and sex drive than Phase 1
Can inflate any body part
Can temporarily polymorph into creatures

The elven guards entered the hotel after seeing Lacia fleeing from their sight only to see the pile of cloths she stripped off, one of the guards held strong elven rope in his hand believing that the only way to suppress Lacia was to use elven rope which had stronger magical properties than regular rope, the guards went up the stairs to each of the floors of the hotels only to find the residents on each floor sleeping with satisfied smiles on their face. The guards spoke,shouted and tried to force the residents to a conscious state but all attempts failed since the residents seemed adamant in their decision, there also weren't many residents in the hotel so it would have been easy work for Lacia to have sex with all of the residents since there were so few in the building. They returned to the group in the center of town and reported back what they saw while also mentioning that they didn't see where Lacia went when they went to the back way exit,

“(Silva anxious) Everyone! I want you to find that woman even if it costs our lives instead of the lives of the many who inhabitant this island”

No one felt the need to go against Silvas orders so the group broke up into small parties while Marai went alone to the towns tavern where she encountered a woman with blue hair leaning on the wall with a pistol in her hand,

“(Blue haired woman emotionless as she spoke with a match sticking out of her mouth as if she were smoking) so you must be Marai? The woman I've heard so much about”

“(Marai respectful) Yes I am and you are?”

“(Rettia who wore black shorts and a green shirt with a blue colored jacket, at her sides with holsters for pistols but one of them was currently in one of her folded hands. She resembled someone who would ride motorcycles) I'm Rettia. So do you think that bomb is here or do you think I'm the bomb everybodys afraid of (She laughed as if she made a funny joke)”

“(Marai confused with an eyebrow raised and then lowered) No I don't believe you are, I have seen the woman and I know you are not her (Rettia nods with approval disappointed her joke was destroyed by Marais seriousness)”

“(Rettia emotionless as she rummages through one of her jacket pockets) I have something for you (Marai was hesitant at first, Rettia slightly offended at Marais distrust) Come on! I'm not going to do (Rettias hand that wasn't holding the pistol revealed a piece of paper)”

Marai went over to Rettia who handed Marai the piece of paper and when she opened the folded piece of paper she saw instructions on how to operate the watch she had obtained, her mind began to seriously contemplate testing the watch. Rettia had heard of Marai though she still possessed her curiosity,

“(Rettia curious) I've shot men who've wanted me to be pregnant and honestly pregnancy definitely doesn't appeal to me. One-third of the entire population of women are pregnant and do so because they are given eternal life without aging, relieved of all unpleasant symptoms normally experienced during pregnancy and they become three times stronger than they ever would in their life time. But honest I'm perfectly fine with suffering. So how did that happen? (She pointed at Marais pregnant belly)”

“(Marai answering) Well it was a fate destined for me and I can tell you that I am probably the only pregnant woman who didn't get pregnant because of sex, the Great Goddess Tsuyakome was part of it”

At the same time that Marai was talking to Rettia, Lacia was in an unoccupied part of the forest staring at her fattening body. Her belly protruded to the point that she looked like a four or five month pregnant woman and her crotch had fattened to the point it made contact with her thighs. In this solitary time she had she wondered what she could do now, since she previously had the ability to alter or fatten her appearance. As a result she jumped into the air and greatly fatten her upper and lower torso into the shape of a balloon, wings came out of her back as her body was still an over bloated balloon. Another ability she had was the ability to temporarily polymorph into a creature, her fattened face chuckled in the same crazed way it did until she reverted back. The groups that split up continued to look and search for Lacia for awhile which Lacia had hidden herself deep in the forest so that she wasn't easy to find until Lacias body finished undergoing her third transformation. Her underwear expanded to accommodate her third transformation body,

* Phase 3 of Lacias Transformation – Has no time limit and can last til the end

- Twenty feet tall. Legs no longer support body, massively fat and inflated crotch supports her body. She possessed the same beauty and sex drive as phase 2
- Crotch and Belly are the biggest and fattest body parts, entire lower torso resembles a giant balloon with the exception of legs which dangle unable to serve any useful purpose. Upper Torso from chest to head is considerably smaller than the lower torso because it is the same size as her original body was during the 1st phase.
- Ability to extend upper torso and move it like a snake, upper torso can temporarily polymorph into creature
- Can Float on water and air
- Has the ability to levitate, summon weapons out of thin air, create/birth clones of herself, fly and breath underwater
- Can breath fire, Ice, Acid...etc
- Can enhance Upper Torso, Roar and use magical abilities.
- There are more abilities she can use, but at present they will not be listed them.
- Regenerative abilities

When Lacia had finished her transformation everyone suddenly knew where she was, and the ground underneath her was destroyed from the impact of her massive weight as she quickly flew toward the town with her much larger wings. Lacia felt confident that she now had the power and body capable of killing Marai, she still seemed drunk with madness as she was approaching the center of town. Screams could be heard from the citizens who fled into the forest and there were citizens who remained silent as they watched Lacia flying toward the town. Everyone who had gone looking for Lacia before had been present in the center of town including Rettia as they watched Lacias gigantically massive crotch smashed the pavement to nothingness when she landed, the group was speechless as they looked at Lacias new body that now comprised of a gigantically fatten and inflated crotch and belly, some of them were shocked that Lacias lower underwear covered her entire crotch,

“(Marais Thoughts) Great now how do we stop her?”

Lacia grabbed the metal remote device she stuffed in her bra and encased it into a black box that she summoned out of thin air, she then used a spell to make it disappear and reappear inside a tree in the forest far away from her current position. She knew that she would never explode unless her 24 hour time limit was up or the button on the remote was pressed. The people below had no idea what Lacia was doing because their vision was obscured by Lacias massively fat and inflated lower torso,

“(Lacia delighted as she moved her eyes from individual to individual) Come on! I finally possess the body to crush all of you into pools of blood......Ahahaha”

“(Silva Repugnant) Why are you attacking Marai? What possible reason do you have for attacking the innocent lives of my town (Marai was slightly offended that she wasn't considered one of the Innocent lives) ”

“(Lacia gave a mocking chuckle) It was a mission I was ordered to do and I am willing to crush anyone if it means getting what I want, the goddess herself told me this mission was of no importance but considering the shameful position I live in before this mission I still desire to change my fate”

“(Marai was infuriated) WHAT!?

“(Hwaji enraged points his talon at Maribel) YOU TRIED TO KILL MY WIFE!”

“(Lacia seemed slightly annoyed looking at Hwaji) I was weak before but with this beautiful body I will kill you easily (She briefly ignored Hwaji hugging herself as she felt the awesome power coursing through her body)”

“(Elven Officer whispering in Silvas ear) Lady Silva I believe we will need the support from the wood elves and from the citizens who are in the forest. I don't know what this woman is capable of (Silva nodded permitting the officer to go)”

The Elven officer quickly went toward the forest understanding that this enemy might be more dangerous than originally anticipated during Lacias first phase,

“(Lacia seemed even more amused by the Elven officers running off, she leaned on the top part of her massive belly with her arms folded) Well I have quite a lot of time to enjoy my lovely, beautiful and sexy body (She began to caress as much of her belly as she could reach with her arms) And luckily I don't have to deal with the unpleasantries that a normal person would have having this body including the foolish needs of eating, drinking and sleeping. I will allow you all to have your eating and drinking and sleeping breaks when I believe you need it”

When Lacia wasn't looking Silva, Marai and Rettia snuck out of her gaze, Silva fired an arrow at the narcissistic Lacia who was still in love with her body. The arrow hit Lacia in the arm though to Silvas horror it had no effect at all, Lacia pulled the arrow out of her arm with ease as if it did nothing and snapped it in two. Silva stood in fear as she stared at this giant threat who didn't suffer from the arrow that hit Lacias arm,

“(Lacia flirtatiously) Now its time to start my darling (Lacia snapped her fingers killing some of the sleeping residents in the hotel but nobody except Lacia knew)”

Lacia started breathing deeply inflating her throat and then she jerked her head toward Silva freezing Silva with her ice breath, then Lacia did the same thing except that she used her fire breath to permanently end Silvas life into a puddle of water. After she had terminated Silvas life, the harpy and gryphon sailors all flew toward Lacias human sized upper torso only to be repelled by Lacia emitting a powerful roar. The attempted attack prompted Lacia to enlarge her hands into large hands with claws ready to rend the sailors to bits, in the next moment she launched her massive body into the air flying toward the sailors slashing them quicker than they could defend themselves, in the midst of this assault Hwaji had surprised Lacia by slashing Lacias ear and neck. A loud scream of anger bellowed from Lacias mouth as she swung her large clawed hands at Hwaji who luckily dodged the attack unlike most of his sailors who fell to the ground gravely wounded. Marai had been firing arrows at Lacia while Rettia was shooting bullets from her pistols at Lacia, both of them hit but it proved futile since it didn't effect Lacia at all. The air battle continued as Lacia turned around to face Hwaji who was the only one to inflict wounds on Lacia or so everyone though,

“(Lacia eager as the wounds she suffered from Hwaji were healing due to her regenerative abilities) Prepare to die bird man!

Hwaji anticipated Lacias fast flying and flew to the side trying to avoid her but she proved to be much faster than he realized, her large clawed hand hit Hwaji smashing hit down onto the now destroyed pavement,

“(Marai worried) HWAJI!!!!!!”

Unfortunately Lacia delivered the finishing blow when she crushed Hwaji with the weight of her massive crotch as she smashed down on the destroyed pavement and as she did so she felt greatly satisfied with killing Hwaji, when she crushed Hwaji the entire island felt the power of the crash as the buildings in the entire town began to crumble. Oddly enough Lacia gave a cry of dismay when she realized what she had done to the town,

“(Lacia dismayed as she brought both of her now regular sized hands to her cheeks) OH NO! Now you darlings won't have anywhere to sleep or anywhere to get food and drinks, hmm..........(She began to think it over while Rettia began to fire bullets at her which had no effect at all, Rettia eventually gave up, Lacia ignored Rettias bullets and she gave an exclamation as if she had figured out what to do) I know I'll let you sleep on my lovely massive belly and I can provide you milk if your thirsty (Lacia obviously was being perverted and honest at the same time)”


There was an overtly friendly nature that Lacia only seemed to express with Marai though despite this friendly nature she had committed too much evil to earn anyones forgiveness. Despite Marais disgusted refusal Lacia ignored the refusal as she slowly came closer to Marai, from out of nowhere an elven rope was thrown around Lacias upper torso and was tightened without Lacias full realization of what was going on. The rope began to burn Lacia like nothing else and it was the only thing so far to inflict serious pain on her, she began to cry out in pain staring at the Elven officer who came back with an army of elves,

“(Elven Officer pompous) You've got to be kidding me, well (nonchalantly gestures hands up) this woman is weaker than I thought Ha!”

“(Lacia suffering from the ropes power spoke to the officer coolly) Weaker! You think I'm weaker?”

“(Elven Officer) Your no match for us, how foolish of all these people to make a fuss over a stupid bomb swallowing woman like you. (Marai and Rettia felt great resentment toward the officer) If this is you at your strongest then what a disappointment (he sighs as if he wanted a real challenge)”

“(Marai & Rettia furiously glaring at the officer) IMBECILE! AND ASS!”

“(Lacia laughed as if she liked the challenge, she used fire breath to burn the rope into nothingness. The officer felt surprised at this sudden change of events and so did the elven warriors in the army) Well for someone who is weak (She kept her eyes on the officer who made the challenge) I guess I need to get stronger but I must admit that I hate my more powerful form it is only my trump card for when this form doesn't work. (Deeply sighs as if she would rather do anything than transform into her next form) Since you want it I'll give you a form more disgusting than any of my previous forms and blame yourself if everybody dies Ahahahaha”

“(Marais Thoughts) What in hell are we going to face now.....Damn that ass and fool! (Marai put her hand in her pouch grabbing the gem encrusted watch attaching it onto her wrist)

Soaring high and fast into the sky until she could see the entire island, when both of her hands came up into the air the entire of Genjinshou was shaking uncontrollably until it was lifted into the air where it no longer dominated the ocean underneath it. Panic and fear were prominent emotions in everyone on the island though how the individuals showed this fear was a different question, she let the island drop onto the oppressed ocean underneath it once she felt she had instilled fear into the people. An expression of sadness came and stayed on Lacias face as she looked at her body and she landed herself back onto the island, she threw both of her hands on the top of her massive belly screaming as if she was suffering pain. Lacias transformation had begun with her crotch and belly growing even fatter and larger than before, this time her upper torso was grower larger and larger until it matched the size of her lower torso. She started gasping for air before she continued and this time her boobs and butt were becoming larger and fatter, next her arms and legs had begun to fatten as they enlarged. Lastly her face was getting fatter and fatter to the point that she had lost all of the beauty she previously had, what she possessed now was a thirty two feet tall body fattened beyond one thousand pounds,

* Most Powerful Phase of Lacias Transformation – “Has no time limit and can last til the end”

- Emotionless
- Thirty two feel tall with humongous and massive fat body, every body part is fattened including face.
- No sex drive and no beauty, entire body was massively fat
- Can Read Minds and Control weak minded
- Can fly and teleport
- Greater Magical Abilities
- Fires beams from eyes
- Can emit huge blast from mouth
- Terrible Flatulence
- Belches blasts and acid
- Voice is completely different than previous forms
- Same abilities as Phase 3

Upon completing her new form Lacias emotionless face saw Marai and Rettia arguing with the officer like they meant to get rid of him right then and there,

“(Lacia) I apologize to you all (Her voice was different which caught everyone off guard) for my disgusting sexual behavior before, I was too obsessed with my beauty and sex when both of those things are so overrated. All of my previous forms were disgusting and degrading, but this form is by far my best body. And I realize many of you (She looked at everyone in the center of town) are blinded by your inferior beliefs of what beauty is and should look like.”

With a simple flick of Lacias fingers the entire forest was lit afire, the citizens who had fled into the forest were now making their way back to the town or being killed by the blazing fire. In the next movement of her hand Lacia was mutilating the fleeing citizens into bloody piles of body parts until she could no longer read the minds of the citizens in the forest,

“(Lacia) And to think it took me so long to get this body and power, I can't believe how foolish and merciful I was in my previous form. (Lacia turned her large head toward the horrified people in the town center) I'll make sure to leave Marai last, but who do I make my first victim out of you guys?”

“(Elven Officer rousing for action) Everyone pull out your rope! And we'll subdue her again!”

Lacia rolled her eyes as if this was the stupidest thing she ever heard, the elven warriors grabbed their ropes and as quick as ever they managed to lasso the rope around Lacias arms. Their plans of subduing her were foiled when she belched acid onto the ropes melting them while she was melting the ropes the elves ran toward the gigantic menace threatening her with their long swords. There was a contorted expression on Lacias face when the elves had come close enough to slash at her, her face became more contorted worst and worst looking when at last she let out a loud noise of flatulence. The smell was so terrible that the elves found they had to drop their swords and cover their noses, possessing a somewhat disgusting sense of humor in this form Lacia found the elves inability to handle the smell quite amusing. Suddenly time stopped and the entire world was frozen, the cause of this time stop was Marais finger stopping the clock hands on her watch. She moved the clock hand slightly back noticing that she had gone back in time to when the elves were going to throw their elven ropes on Lacia.

“(Marais Thoughts) So I can go back in time with this (Marai looks at the watch longer with her hand still holding the clock hands in place)”

Since Lacia was obviously going to win and kill everyone in this time line, Marai decided she would turn back the clock hands to the point when she was about to arrive on the island on the ship. The first thing she would correct would be to save Hwen instead of letting her get injured.
  • Watching: Rampage of Inoshikocho
Hello Everyone, 

I will no longer do the pregnant inflation stuff except in the story, "Anew Transformation" and that will be the last story. I also won't be working on the Marai stories as much as usually and I will only work on one story one day of the week. 

I also wanted to mention that I would like to do collaboration work on one of my stories with other artists, and I'd like to have the collaboration to be done helping me do one of the stories from this list:

Correct Timeline Chronological Order of Marai stories:

1. Marais Beginning
2. Satyriasis Situation
3.Fly to the Forge
4. Saviour and Warrior, Marai
5. Altruistic Pregnant Nurses 
6. Temperamental Spirits
7. Cold Truth
8. Nautical Narratives
9. Lacia Incident *
10. Orchestrated by the Greater Evil*
11. Golden Glory, Red Retribution *
12. Vociferous Cavern *
13. Weight of Discrimination
16.Land of Remorse *
17. Alashas Assault
18. Anew Transformation

Note to Reader: All of the stories with a, * next to it means that story is completed and is not up for collaboration. All blank slots on the list are stories without names or not thought about yet. Another note is that the titles and story lines of uncompleted stories are always subject to change. There is the possibility of the Marai stories might be benched but for now they are not. 

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